Hisense 2 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC - White  (AS-22TR4RBBTV00, Copper Condenser)1750 Rs off With Hdfc Cc

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    Product Description
    Health Filters

    This Hisense AC features multiple filters to deliver healthy, clean air in your room. It has a Vitamin C filter to maintain your skin moisture, an Anti-bacterial filter to eliminate bacteria and germs, an Odour filter to remove odour, and a HEPA filter to remove small dust particles.

    Smart Cooling

    This feature uses a Fuzzy logic operation to offer comfortable cooling. With a press of a button, you can activate this feature. This AC also has a Fan Mode which is effective during low temperatures, a Dry Mode which is ideal for high humidity, and a Cooling Mode that is perfect during high temperatures.

    I Feel Sensor

    This sensor is located in the remote control. It senses the surrounding temperature to send the data to the indoor unit. The indoor unit accordingly operates to offer effective cooling.

    Intelligent Sleep Mode

    The Intelligent Sleep Mode lets you enjoy a peaceful, sound sleep. In this mode, the AC senses the temperature of the room to adjust the same automatically and offers you optimum comfort.

    Super Cooling Mode

    This Mode delivers powerful air-flow for effective cooling in no time. So, this Mode is ideal for cities with very high temperatures.

    Anti-corrosion Treatment

    The outdoor unit of this AC is protected by a seven-layered anti-corrosion treatment. As a result, you get a durable home appliance.

    Gold Fin Anti-corrosion Technology

    This technology protects the condenser coil from the accumulation of salts, acids, and water. As a result, you get an efficient and durable AC for your home.

    Low Noise

    The inverter of this AC features an air tunnel and advanced control technology to lower its noise while operating. Also, in the Quiet Mode, this home appliance makes as low as 19dB sound.

    Stabilizer-free Operation

    This AC can function stably between 150 V and 264 V even when the temperature is high. So, it does not need a separate stabilizer to operate.

    100% Copper

    The condenser and evaporator of this AC are made of 100% copper pipes. As a result, this AC functions efficiently, safely, and it lasts for a long time.


    This feature notifies you of any technical glitch and gas leakage in this AC. It gives you error codes for troubleshooting. As a result, your AC is up and running without hassles.

    Eco-friendly Refrigerant

    This air conditioner uses R32 which is an Eco-friendly Refrigerant. Thus, this AC emits low greenhouse gases and does not adversely affect the environment.

    Leakage Detection

    The indoor unit of this AC stops on its own when it detects any leakage of refrigerant. Also, it displays the error code.

    Self-clean Function

    This feature ensures a healthy environment of this AC by preventing the accumulation of dust, moisture, and/or mold.

    Dual Mode Inverter

    The compressor of the AC has a Super Mode for quick cooling and an Eco Mode for energy-efficient performance.

    Vitamin C Filter

    This filter offers a moisturizing effect to prevent the dryness of your skin.

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