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Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers (18-Nov-2021 to 24-Nov-2021)

Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers (18-Nov-2021 to 24-Nov-2021)

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Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers (18-Nov-2021 to 24-Nov-2021)

6 Questions will be asked in every account from the below set of 8 questions.

The questions can be in any order. Answer all the 6 quiz questions within 1 minute and answer atleast 4 questions correctly to get a Raffle Ticket to win 1500 to 5000 Miles

1. Which country would you associate with the clues: Maple Syrup, Moose & Hockey?

A: Canada

2.French fries, The Mannekan Pis and Waffles are associated with?

A: Belgium

3. The Beatles, Red buses and Fish and chips are from?

A: England

4. Guess the name of the country based on these clues, Sheep, Lord of the rings and Rugby.

A: New Zealand

5. Pitti Palace, Duomo and Michelangelo’s David are found in ____?

A: Italy

6. This country is known for its Vodka, The Hermitage and Matryoshka Dolls?

A: Russia

7. The Nile, camels and Ancient civilisation are all terms that remind you of____?

A: Egypt

8. When people think of Le Louvre, Macarons & Romance, they think about ____?

A. France

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