Jteck Ximeijie 3 in 1 Smart Silent Mopper Robot Automatic Rechargeable Sweeping Mopping Cleaner XM-06 Blue Colour

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  • Multifunction Wireless Intelligent Smart Sweeper – A robotic cleaner replaces your vacuum cleaner, sweeper, broom, wiper. Saves money. Long battery life – USB rechargeable. Don’t have to keep replacing batteries. Once charged, battery lasts longer than usual. Shorter charging time & longer use time. Approximately 1 hour charging time. Use for approximately 2 hours.
  • Powerful Strong Suction – Super suction, precision filtration design, artificial intelligence cleaning system. Removes common waste such as dust, paper scraps, pet dander, pet hair, and hair easily. Easy To Use – One-button start-up is easy and simple to operate. Easy to clean too. Saves time and effort. – Ultra Thin – Height is 5.8cm thinner than usual. Allows it to clean under the sofa, cupboard, bed, etc.
  • Low Noise Design – Less than 50dB. Does not disturb sleeping babies, or irritate the pets. – Suitable for the floor, ceramic tile, wooden floor, etc.
  • Wet and Dry -Blue Cloth use for Wet Cleaning & White Cloth use for Dry Cleaning , The simulation simulates hand-wiping the floor, the motor runs at high speed, and the external rotating wiper rotates at high speed, with high frequency and good effect. The motor has no excess power consumption during the transmission process, which can reduce unnecessary vibration and achieve low-noise rotating mop imitating hand pressure.
  • The bottom of the humidification spray function is equipped with a purple light. Our sweeper is equipped with a spray function. It can be sprayed and humidified while sweeping the floor. As the machine moves, it moisturizes the air in every corner. – For any Further Query call +91 9921 00 9999

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