Ketley Gold Royal Masala Chai Tea, 250g

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Ketley Gold brings you a spicy, healthy and delicious version of the conventional Indian Chai made from tea leaves of selected high-grown tea gardens of Assam coupled with aromatic natural spices. No artificial flavouring or preservatives have been added to keep your cup of tea 100% natural. Explore a wide range of Tea from Ketley Gold on Amazon.

  1. Assam Masala Tea ; Size: 250g ; No. of servings: 100cups
  2. 100% natural ingredients – Black Tea , Cardamom , Clove , Black Pepper , Dried Ginger , Cinnamon and other herbs & spices. No artificial flavour. No added preservatives.
  3. Spicy, Healthy and Delicious. Kickstart your day with a royal cup of Masala Chai Tea.
  4. Zip Lock Pouch Packaging for storage convenience
  5. Free: 2.5g tea measuring spoon with each 250g pouch
  6. Contains oxygen absorber inside for longer shelf life and aroma-locked freshness.
  7. Instructions for use: Boil two-third cup of water for 2-3 mins. Add 1tsp/2.5gm of masala tea leaves. Add one-third cup of milk and sugar (to taste). Boil it again and allow 3-4 boils while stirring. Strain completely in a cup and enjoy your masala tea.
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