Kuvings KMP 600 Electric Pressure Cooker Electric Pressure Cooker (6 L silver)

Kuvings KMP 600 Electric Pressure Cooker Electric Pressure Cooker (6 L silver)

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Review -

I have been using this Instapot or cooker since an year and on daily basis. The quality is top notch and this sale price seems good. If someone wants to go for a premium rice cooker, the prices are almost nearing the price of this device. So eyes closed, you can buy this.

There are thousands of videos on youtube to understand the functionality and usecases. But I can tell somethings which not many reviews have covered.

1. This saves a lot of gas & electricity. Reason - This device controls heat & pressure. So provides both adequately without wasting energy. While using LPG & doing pressure cooking, the pressure is formed without control and released through whistle mechanism. This cycle repeats and costs lot of gas wastage. While cooking on rice cooker, there is almost no pressure & cooking continues till water is utilised. Thus spending lot of electricity.

2. Automation - In case you want to cook chana/Rajma which needs overnight soaking & then pressure cooking. In this device place the chana/rajma in the night & set the timer for cooking in morning. The dish will be ready in the morning & that too without whistles disturbing the sleep.

3. Slow cooking or delayed cooking are real advantages which can be used on daily basis to save time & efforts.

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Thanks for your Review @dextor, seems like a good value.

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