Licious Power Play Predict to Win

Licious Power Play Predict to Win

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GJGujarat team


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Terms and Conditions

  • This promotional contest titled as “Licious Power Play”(“Contest”) is conducted and organized by Delightful Gourmet Private Limited (“Licious”) for purely promotional purposes and the Contest shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions(“T&C”).
  • The Contest is valid only in India.
  • Users eligible to participate in the Contest in accordance with the eligibility criteria specified in point no. 4 of these Terms and Conditions and participating in the Contest shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”.
  • To be eligible to take part in the Contest, the Participants need to confirm to the following eligibility criteria:
    1. an Individual;
    2. an Indian citizen;
    3. residing in India;
    4. aged 18 years and above;
    5. legally eligible to enter into a contract;
    6. must be a registered Licious App/Website user;
  • Participation is entirely voluntary, and the Winning Participants(“Winner/s”) are required to accept these T&C if they wish to claim the Reward.
  • Information as available on Licious’s official social media handles and the Licious App and/or Website shall be the only authentic and valid information about the Contest. Licious shall not be responsible for any incorrect/misleading information relating to the Contest, presented/ displayed on any other source & will not be liable for any loss suffered by any Participant based on the representation, terms, conditions, information presented / displayed on any other source
  • To participate in the Contest, the participant/s must follow each of the following steps:
    1. Visit the Licious App,
    2. Click on the Predict to Win Page (“PTW”)
    3. Accept these T&Cs
    4. Predict the winning team(s) for the Match(es) of the Day (“MOTD”).
  • Duration and Timelines of the Contest:
    1. The Contest shall begin on the 22nd of May 2023 at 00:00:00 hours and shall continue until 28th May at 19:30:00 hours(“Contest Period”). Entries received after the Contest Period will not be considered. Participants shall be allowed to submit their answers only up to 1 (One) Hour before the start of the MOTD.
    2. Predictions for each MOTD will have to be submitted within the timelines made available on the Licious App to the Participants.
  • Selection of Winners:
    1. Participants correctly predicting the winning team of the given MOTD and whose eligibility is confirmed as per the conditions mentioned hereinabove shall be rewarded with 1 (one) Coupon Code as their Reward (“Reward”) for each correct prediction.
    2. This Coupon Code can be redeemed against 1 (One) future order made on the Licious App or Website.
    3. The construct of the Coupon Code shall be communicated to the Participants via a single push notification through the Licious App and shall also be visible on the coupon tray within the Licious App and Website. Licious reserves the right to alter the mode of communicating the construct or notifying the winner of their reward.
    4. The Reward is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
    5. The coupon code cannot be clubbed with any other coupon code or existing offers.
    6. The selection of the winners will be solely based on answers submitted on the PTW within the Licious App/Website, which shall be final and binding on all the participants.
  • Issuance of Rewards:
    1. The issuance of the Reward to the Winner shall be made on such dates as Licious shall communicate to the Participants.
  • Licious reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Contest and Reward, including extending, withdrawing, modifying, changing, or discontinuing the Contest or Reward without notice, without assigning any reason, at its sole discretion and without any liability.
  • Licious shall not be liable in any manner for any claim arising out of or in respect to the Contest other than as mentioned herein.
  • Licious is not responsible for:
    1. any incorrect details provided by the participant and/or delay in receipt of communication and/or non-receipt of communication for any reason whatsoever;
    2. any charges, levies, costs if incurred by the participants to participate in this activity;
    3. any loss of data due to server issues and other technical faults that may occur during real time monitoring of the submissions; or
    4. any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, theft, destruction, unauthorized access, or alteration by participant or third party, etc.
  • Apart from the entitlement to the Reward mentioned above, the Winner/s will have no other rights or claims against Licious.
  • Employees, contractors, directors, and officers of Delightful Gourmet Private Limited, its subsidiary and affiliates and their family members are not entitled to participate in the Contest.
  • Licious has endeavoured to make all reasonably practicable arrangements to minimize communication system difficulties but gives no guarantee therefore and shall not be liable for any failures in the same.
  • Disqualification:
    1. The participant’s entry shall be deemed to be forfeited if the participant fails to submit the answer on the PTW or fails to submit them before the stipulated time mentioned herein above.
    2. Licious shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the participant is unable to participate due to failure on part of any technical issues or due to Internet provider, facility provider or their inability to access the Licious App or Website.
    3. Any Participant found using or participating through multiple accounts in the Contest shall be disqualified immediately and shall be disqualified at the sole discretion of Licious.
    4. Any communication, clarification, query, dispute in any regard by the winner or any of the legal heirs/guardians of the winner in any manner will not be entertained by Licious.
    5. Any Participant residing in Tamil Nadu and/or any other state prohibiting similar schemes, contests, and/or competitions shall be deemed to be ineligible to participate in this Contest.
  • Licious will not be liable for any loss, claim, damage, expenses whether expressed, implied, real, consequential incurred by the Participant due to participation in the Contest or in the delivery of the Reward.
  • This Contest is open for the participation of individuals only. Corporate, Agencies, and any non-human legal entities are not entitled to participate in this Contest.
  • There is no entry fee or participation fee payable by the Participant/s for participating in this Contest. Licious will not accept any form of payment from any of the Participant/s interested in participating in the Contest, further participation in the Contest will not in itself make the Participant eligible to win the Contest.
  • Any Participant taking part in the Contest and declared a winner of the Contest by Licious and is unable to fulfil any one or more eligibility requirements, as specified in abovementioned clauses of these Terms and Conditions, on the date of closure of the Contest, shall be disqualified from the Contest. Any communication, clarification, query, dispute in this regard by the winner or any of the legal heirs/guardians of the winner in any manner will not be entertained by Licious.
  • Confirmation of eligibility of the participant/winner shall be subject to -
    1. Successful completion of the process i.e., submit the correct answer on the PTW.
    2. Verification of Account.
  • Licious shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations caused by weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, hurricane, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, terrorist attack, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, acts of God or any other circumstances amounting to Force Majeure.
  • Licious shall not be responsible for any loss or damage if it must discontinue or cancel the Contest in compliance with any law, ruling, order, regulation, requirement, or instruction of any Central/State Government or for any other unavoidable reason beyond its control. The Participant/s shall be informed of such discontinuance/cancellation as soon as possible.
  • Licious will not be liable in case of any damage, loss, cost, claim, liability, or expense (including legal costs and expenses) caused to or incurred by any act, omission, or representation in respect of the reward of this Contest to any winner.
  • All disputes arising out of or in connection with this activity shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Bengaluru.

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