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List of 100+ Free Udemy Courses - 1st July

List of 100+ Free Udemy Courses - 1st July

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[4.9] [3h 52m] Shamanic Sound Healing | Certificate Course Code=SHAMAN

[3.5] [1h 11m] JavaScript - Creating Loan EMI Calculator Code=FREEBEST6

[4.1] [1h 53m] Bootstrap 5 Course: Build Responsive Websites like a Pro Code=665A339004B7969CAB65

[4.2] [2h 15m] The Complete NFT Course: Become an NFT Creator & Investor Code=9CACA193FB364543FFFF

[4.2] [2h 15m] The Complete NFT Course: Become an NFT Creator & Investor Code=BDF8C442AFDF4F63E898

[4.4] [3h 46m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas Code=AA4D6A10C75203DB78C1

[3.8] [4h 18m] JavaScript for Beginners: The Complete Course for Beginners Code=03FEF2DA35FEDFB33203

[4.1] [1h 53m] Bootstrap 5 Course: Build Responsive Websites like a Pro Code=2D0FA4BE1E838A85AEA6

[4.3] [2h 4m] Python for Deep Learning: Build Neural Networks in Python Code=F32B8F5581F950E731A3

[4.3] [2h 4m] Python for Deep Learning: Build Neural Networks in Python Code=C6B82B800958CE4ABBDC

[4.5] [2h 28m] Python for Machine Learning: The Complete Beginner's Course Code=01062743920FE3512E09

[4.6] [9h 25m] Local SEO 2022 Made Simple & Fun + Google Maps & TripAdvisor Code=WATERTIGER8

[Bestseller] [11h 14m] Copywriting & SEO for Beginners: Complete Copywriting Course Code=WATERTIGER4

[Bestseller] [8h 14m] Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Live Your Dream & Travel the World Code=WATERTIGER9

[Bestseller] [21h 45m] Adobe Photoshop Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.4] [13h 13m] Adobe Premiere Pro Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.7] [6h 19m] Adobe XD Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.8] [4h 36m] Airtable Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.3] [8h 54m] Aplos Not for Profit Accounting Software Code=609F26BB78C5BB1F3A1A

[4.1] [3h 1m] A Complete Masterclass of Virtualization from scratch Code=30_JUN_22

[4.2] [17h 59m] Adobe Illustrator Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.5] [5h 47m] Adobe InDesign Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [4h 14m] Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.0] [1h 10m] GitHub Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.5] [11h 28m] Google BigQuery & PostgreSQL : Big Query for Data Analysis Code=WECNJEZ

[3.8] [31m] Google Chrome Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062204

[Bestseller] [4h 13m] Google Data Studio A-Z for Data Visualization and Dashboards Code=OCLFHAS

[4.3] [3h 26m] Google Docs Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [41m] Google Fonts Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.6] [4h 42m] Asana Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.6] [15h 57m] Best of Digital Marketing Essentials 2022: Learn Fun & Fast Code=WATERTIGER6

[4.3] [5h 40m] Bootstrap 4 Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.0] [34m] Brave Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.2] [6h 8m] CSS3 Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [54m] CheckPoint-NGFW Security : Basic Introduction Code=JULY22-FREE-GIFT

[Highest rated] [21h 55m] Financial Accounting–Inventory & Merchandising Transactions Code=8DDD9BC51A4148AC9BC1

[3.9] [36m] Firefox Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.2] [31m] Firefox Developer Edition Basics 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [1h 42m] Google Forms Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [7h 26m] Google Looker Masterclass: Looker & LookML A-Z 2022 Code=EULMVTG

[4.1] [14h 59m] Google Workspace (G Suite) Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.3] [5h 38m] HTML5 Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.4] [3h 38m] How to Create a NFT Collection and Sell Your NFTs on Opensea Code=LASTFREEJUNE

[3.9] [11h 42m] How to Start a Podcast - Podcasting Made Easy Code=HTSAPEXPJUL052022

[4.4] [6h 34m] Image Recognition for Beginners using CNN in R Studio Code=NUKGRXH

[4.5] [10h 24m] Introduction into Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising Code=WATERTIGER7

[4.0] [2h 41m] Introduction to Quantum Computing Code=80E8E600BB1F27652EEE

[4.1] [59m] JDBC Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.8] [6h 3m] JavaScript Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.3] [5h 17m] Job Costing QuickBooks Online - Contractors Code=4CDF9178B38235B2EA9B

[3.9] [4h 12m] Learn 4 Steps to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing! Code=CEADD99D20286086E89B

[4.2] [6h 48m] Linear Regression and Logistic Regression using R Studio Code=XPYAIHC

[3.6] [31m] Microsoft Power BI Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [32m] Microsoft Publisher Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.7] [1h 5m] Adobe After Effects Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062205

[4.7] [2h 15m] Adobe After Effects Projects 2022 Code=TRY100062205

[3.8] [10h 13m] Adobe After Effects Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.0] [1h 26m] Adobe Animate Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.0] [3h 6m] Adobe Audition Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [2h 43m] Adobe Creative Cloud Projects 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[Bestseller] [27h 10m] Adobe Creative Cloud Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.3] [2h 20m] Adobe Dreamweaver Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.7] [4h 58m] Microsoft Teams Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.6] [7h 0m] The Complete Introduction to Online Course Creation Code=A5E3F97DA90BA760DCF1

[4.5] [13h 19m] Time Series Analysis and Forecasting using Python Code=WXRMBWF

[3.9] [2h 37m] Trello Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062205

[4.0] [4h 54m] Visual Studio Code Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062204

[4.9] [4h 47m] Wave Accounting Code=9F8AF1D8D0B26C30211E

[4.5] [11h 14m] Web Development Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.2] [53m] Write to Impress -Business Writing Skills for Corporates Code=CEBF77A33BAD4AE89415

[4.4] [6h 16m] Logistic Regression in R Studio Code=UIQVVVD

[4.6] [6h 22m] ML for Business Managers: Build Regression model in R Studio Code=WKNWQOH

[3.6] [46m] MariaDB Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[Bestseller] [6h 51m] Marketing Analytics: Forecasting Models with Excel Code=SFGAJQC

[4.1] [22h 27m] Microsoft 365 Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.3] [32m] Microsoft Edge Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.5] [3h 38m] Microsoft OneDrive Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.8] [4h 14m] Microsoft OneNote Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [4h 53m] Microsoft Outlook Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [3h 55m] Microsoft Planner Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.4] [5h 22m] Xero Job Costing – Projects Code=9669FF8C0B6F40890427

[4.2] [8h 53m] Xero Not for Profit Organization Code=D0A958EADDA87661D546

[3.7] [1h 43m] cPanel Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.3] [4h 49m] jQuery Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.8] [4h 41m] Microsoft Word Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.1] [45m] Open Broadcaster Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.9] [33m] Opera Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[4.0] [46m] PowerShell Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.1] [4h 46m] QuickBooks Desktop Pro-Personal Tax Tracking Tricks Code=FE7D76EF37E45BD3BCF8

[4.2] [131h 15m] QuickBooks Desktop vs. Excel Code=B12D923BB7291324F26C

[4.7] [5h 29m] QuickBooks Desktop – Export Directly to Tax Software Lacerte Code=30043C835A227FFF6175

[4.3] [4h 50m] QuickBooks Enterprise - Two Businesses & Personal in One Code=8F1E0C8FBD17A3C882AC

[Highest rated] [2h 36m] QuickBooks Enterprise-Classes-Responsibility Accounting Code=D56A24C4AAD560897E74

[3.6] [10h 3m] QuickBooks Online Not for Profit Organization Code=A672754B8ECB6AD57AB9

[Highest rated] [63h 57m] QuickBooks Online vs Xero Accounting Software Code=CB08EA9D8801E855FCB4

[4.4] [116h 34m] QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2022 Code=5A8850783C035EF5D363

[Bestseller] [189h 56m] QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop 2022, 2021, & 2020 Code=DC00CFF6F43E12102DAB

[4.5] [13h 47m] QuickBooks Online-Bookkeeping Business-Easy Way Code=D1107F82B30DB9D32D1F

[Bestseller] [14h 6m] QuickBooks Payroll - QuickBooks Online Code=9DA4CF02E3E7D7771C9C

[4.0] [22h 55m] QuickBooks Payroll - QuickBooks Pro Desktop Code=5C2E36A888A7067061A1

[Highest rated] [15h 1m] QuickBooks Pro Desktop -Bookkeeping Business-Easy Way Code=99B3BAD824E9F35F4618

[4.4] [8h 53m] QuickBooks Pro-Business & Personal-One QuickBooks File Code=0062339987E575485319

[4.8] [8h 25m] Real time Automation+Manual Interview Questions with Answers Code=JUNE_SALE

[Bestseller] [2h 14m] SOLAR COURSE for Beginners of Solar Energy- Code=D98EA849B5759834CCF4

[4.1] [2h 50m] SVG Ultimate Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062203

[3.5] [49m] Sublime Text 3 Basics Guide 2022 Code=TRY100062205

[4.5] [5h 10m] Tax & Adjusting Entry Year-End Accounting Excel Worksheet Code=BA86D0A3BEC6A1B88A43

[4.4] [6h 27m] The Comprehensive SQL Course Code=AB5AF11FE52AF48B6248

[4.5] [6h 18m] The Advanced SQL Course Code=07B8DC02D7B48EE5F2C0

[Amazon US/UK] The Venture Capital Playbook (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99) 

Best Selling & Popular Discounted Courses

[4.7] [8h 6m] Digital Marketing Strategy: G.I.F.T. Framework Masterclass $9.99 Code=22JUNE-A

[Bestseller] [14h 53m] Startup Fast Track: Confident Launch in 90 Days or Less $9.99 Code=22JUNE-A

[4.6] [41h 49m] Best of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course 2022 $9.99 Code=ULTIMATEJUNE110

[4.7] [30h 13m] Best of Website Traffic 2022: SEO, Facebook Ads & Google Ads $9.99 Code=ULTIMATEJUNE109

[3.9] [30h 5m] Inventory Control and Inventory Management Complete Course $9.99 Code=INVENTORY3

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