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logitech mx master 3s @ 6745₹ (6408₹ for FK axis cc)

logitech mx master 3s @ 6745₹ (6408₹ for FK axis cc)

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Thank you. I bought it

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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I was gifted the MX Master 3. I would have never bought this mouse myself because it was so expensive. Found it a bit heavy initially coming from a MK710. However, I got used to it in a couple of days. Also found the in-built battery as a handicap over the AA's but since each recharge lasts a couple of months, I no longer see it as such.

Here's the main part -
You see that shiny aluminum / stainless steel cylinder on the left of the mouse above where your thumb would be? That's a horizontal scroll-wheel. My god...once you get used to it you'll wonder why don't all mice have this. May be not everyone needs horizontal scrolling but people designing/maintaining websites, programmers and spreadsheet users would benefit a lot from it.

Now if something were to go wrong with my MX Master 3, I would spend that much on getting a more or less identical replacement.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Appreciate the detailed review. I was myself considering whether to splurge for this or not, given it costs 10x of regular good wireless mice from Logitech.

Question for you - does it feel fine for medium hands as well? 
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This is the greatest mouse you can buy for productivity. But, I got so used to touchpad use in laptops that it became easier to use a touchpad over a mouse. I had bought Logitechs best gaming mouse and while it was good, I found using touchpad more convenient.

But here is the problem, there are no good touchpads available in the market. Only option is Apple magic trackpad and that costs 12k. And I was not even sure if it would work as it didn't have windows drivers.

So I bought it from someone in OLX for 5k. Luckily a few months old piece.

It worked awesome. Best purchase ever. So, those who want best mouse can also consider it.

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