Luminous New York Hudson 1200 MM Ceiling Fan (Pearl White, Pack of 2) upto 20%off

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A fine fusion of trend & contemporary design, New York Hudson fan give your home that exclusive posh metropolitan look and feel. The design of this high air delivery fan is strikingly inspired from the urban contemporary look of New York. High-quality ABS motor cover design replicates the image of oysters found in the sea. Revolutionary 3 part motor design with static covers give a soothing view while the fan runs. A hard shell on the fan mimics pearls. The New York Hudson gives the illusion of being weightless while being elegant.

Product Details:
1. Smooth and easy-to-maintain New York Hudson ceiling fan has premium quality lamination for secure and stable environment
2. Inspired by the city that never sleeps
3. The stylish fan portrays a blend of modernism and flair
4. With a unique cosmopolitan vibe, they give your home a classy, metropolitan feel
5. The 1200 mm ceiling fan has wider blades so as to fetch better air thrust
6. Performs well even at low voltage.
7. Consistency and convenience are the key elements that define this fan

Give a metropolitan look to your home with Luminous New York Hudson
Modernity meets luxury in this trendy range influenced by New York. Bring home the iconic spirit of this city with New York Hudson fan and display a unique combination of chic style and cosmopolitan flair.

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