Man Matters Hair Strengthening Serum for Men | Smooth and Silky Hair For Men | 90ml

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Man Matters Hair Strengthening Serum for Men | Smooth and Silky Hair For Men | 90ml

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About this item

FIGHT HAIR FALL WITH THICK AND HEALTHY HAIR: Tired of managing your dry and frizzy hair after a shower? Or do you have oily hair that washes down the sink everyday? Our hair growth and smoothing serum is the perfect solution for men and all hair types. Our product will not only reduce hair fall but also moisturize and soften your hair, giving it a natural glossy look. It boosts the growth of stronger and thicker strands, making your hair look and feel voluminous.

VITALIZE YOUR HAIR WITH ARGAN AND JOJOBA OIL: The vitamins and fatty acids present in argan oil give a silky and soft sheen to your hair, lock in the moisture in your strands, and make it smooth and frizz-free. Jojoba oil in our rich hair strengthening serum makes the root stronger, stimulates hair growth, leading to longer, denser hair. Vitamin A from jojoba oil moisturizes the scalp, fortifies hair follicles, and provides protection against dandruff, improving hair growth and overall quality.

GET FLAWLESSLY SOFT AND FRIZZ-FREE HAIR IN MINUTES: After shampooing and towel-drying your hair, simply dispense a few drops on your palms and rub them on the end of strands. You should pay more attention to the ends and avoid applying the serum on the roots of your hair. After such an easy application, allow your hair to dry and style as usual. The serum leaves a long-lasting mild fragrance with a soft feel and natural shine.

NON-STICKY FORMULA FOR NATURAL LOOKING STYLE: Our serum has a perfect consistency, making it free of any stickiness, unlike other harmful hair serums that give your hair a greasy texture. The serum’s perfectly designed formula leaves your hair looking fresh, manageable and easy to set. The natural ingredients in the serum lock in moisture within the strands resulting in hydrated and stronger hair.

FDA APPROVED, SAFE TO USE, NO MINERAL OILS: Our FDA-approved serum is void of any harmful toxins or mineral oils, and is composed of pure and natural ingredients. These ingredients provide a complete package of nourishment leading to dense lustrous hair. It is also free of sulphate, SLS and SLES. The serum has no harmful side effects that come with other cosmetic hair products, which ultimately end up damaging your hair in the long run.

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