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MI Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2i, 2200 Pa Powerful Suction, 450 mL Large-Capacity Dustbin, Electronically-Controlled 270 mL Water Tank, Controls remotely via app, Alexa/GA enabled, White

MI Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2i, 2200 Pa Powerful Suction, 450 mL Large-Capacity Dustbin, Electronically-Controlled 270 mL Water Tank, Controls remotely via app, Alexa/GA enabled, White

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2 in 1 Cleaning & Mopping: Choose among the various cleaning modes from your Xiaomi home app as per your need

2200 Pa Powerful Suction, removes every dust particles and hairs

High-precision Sensors: Equipped with 25* high- precision sensors including Obstacle sensor, Cliff sensor, wall sensor, docking sensor, etc., the vacuum-mop 2i captures real-time information of your home environment

Smart App & Voice Control: Remotely control cleaning at any moment, check cleaning status in real time, as well as schedule a clean with your phone

Voice Control: Command your vacuum-mop 2i with Alexa and Google assistant

Gyroscope and Optical Sensor Aided Navigation: With a new navigation system and the ultra-wide-angle lens, the vacuum-mop 2i captures your home layout and the environment with ultimate accuracy

Zig Zag Cleaning- Cleaning in the zigzag path covers every corner of your house, resulting in highly efficient cleaning

Easily crosses over the 20mm obstacles

Able to clean under furniture including beds, cabinets and sofas, eliminating dust hiding underneath, without getting stuck with 81.3mm height of the vacuum-mop 2i with 450ml large dust compartment and 270ml water tank with electronically controlled water pump and 3 water level settings

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A lot of ppl bought different brand vacuum cleaners during covid time.

1. Can someone tell me , are they stll using it ( long lasting) 

2. Is it better than spin mop which i am using currently 

3. Yoy maintenance cost

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Still use it but specific use cases.

1. Auto schedule cleaning of kitchen, dining, hall and sit out at 2 AM each day so that dust is removed by the time maid comes in morning. Maid does a terrible job at sweeping and when she mops the floor with dust not cleared, it gets the floor sticky. So I use this to ensure these rooms are cleared of dust.

2. Impromptu cleaning of specific segments when kid gets it messy while eating snacks or playing with finer pieces of paper etc.

Spin mop is for mopping and robot vacuum clears are an alternative to sweeping. Most of these suck at mopping and I suggest not even opting for one. First, the water tank is way too small to suffice cleaning the entire home in one go. Second, it just drags the mopping pad with zero pressure applied apart from free weight of the vacuum cleaner so don't expect any good results.

Never replaced anything till date so zero maintenance cost since December 2020. But it's hightime to replace the brush and filter. Brush easily gets strangled hair and when I neglect to remove the hair for a long time it deforms the bristles of the brush and bends the bristles.

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Not best price.. few days back it was around 7.5k

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Somehow the ratings are bad for this model and also been seeing deep discounts on this unlike any other model from mi.

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Anna can you suggest some good robot vacuum cleaners? Budget around 20k
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@niji it was 6800 on flipkart


I bought it in 7.3k around without supercoin

this does decent cleaning and definitely worth price.. . major drawback of this is it doesn’t store map.. so it will start from where it is and cleans up everything where it can go.. battery runs around 90 minutes.. it is sufficient for a small 2bhk flat.. if you can more furniture it will take lot of time to going around and finding ways in furniture 

Its good for a single and couple living in flat..I remove big blockers or kid toys from floor before going to office..  and schedule cleaning during my office hours.. and I found my flat cleaned once i return back..

mi has good app we can track /start/stop and see current cleaning status from anywhere

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