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Paid Udemy Courses For Free

Paid Udemy Courses For Free

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  1. Financial Accounting–Inventory & Merchandising Transactions
  2. Healthy living with "No Oil" Recipes - Non Vegetarian
  3. Video Editing with Avid Media Composer First for Beginners
  4. Corporate Finance #8 Time Value of Money (PV & FV)
  5. Corp Finance #10 Cost of Capital–Debt & Equity Financing
  6. Podcast For Business | How To Grow A Business With Podcast
  7. Setting up Print on Demand on Etsy using AI
  8. Probability Part - 2
  9. Color Grading and Video Editing with Davinci Resolve 18
  10. 7 Consequences of Cyber Attacks & 11 Cyber Security Myths
  11. IT & Technical Support Guide to Helpdesk, Desktop & Servers
  12. QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2023
  13. Why Antivirus is Essential?
  14. Learn 6 SIMPLE Steps to Make Money on TikTok App!
  15. Corporate Finance #13 Investment Banking & Long-Term Debt
  16. Adobe Creative Cloud Basics
  17. Mastering Sales Prospecting: Unlock lucrative opportunities
  18. Digital Marketing Business With Google My Business - 2023
  19. Communication Skills: Be a Star Presenter on a Panels
  20. Assertiveness: You Can Speak Up for Yourself!
  21. Process Costing System-Cost Accounting-Managerial Accounting
  22. Corporate Finance #6 Management of Current Assets
  23. Financial Accounting – Subsidiary Ledgers & Special Journals
  24. Adobe Animate Basics
  25. Freelancing Professional Certification
  26. Mindful Wellness: Managing Anxiety and Stress
  27. CSS Crash Course For Beginners
  28. Adobe After Effects Basics
  29. Corporate Finance #3 Forecasting & Budgeting
  30. Adobe Illustrator Basics
  31. Presentation Skills -Deliver an Excellent Ceremonial Speech
  32. Management Executive Certification
  33. Corp. Finance #14 Financing-Commons Stock & Preferred Stock
  34. Train the Trainer: How to Be a Trainer in the Training Biz
  35. Corporate Finance #7 Short Term Financing
  36. Grow Your Sales With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  37. Data Base Management System
  38. Rank Your Blog Website in Google: SEO For Beginners 2023
  39. Python for Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  40. Basic Interviewing Skills - Master Basic Interviewing Skills
  41. Clubhouse App - Master Clubhouse for Marketing & Connecting
  42. Online Course Creation: Complete Course of Blunders to Avoid
  43. Professional Diploma in Digitalization of Retail Banking
  44. The Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis Certification
  45. Corporate Finance #5 Financing Decisions
  46. Active Directory Administration for Helpdesk Technicians
  47. P.O.W.E.R. : Proven Interview System to crack your DREAM job
  48. Reputation Management: Take Control of Your Company's Image
  49. Facebook Ads Marketing Crash Course Traffic & leads - 2023
  50. Tips for improving Presentation Skills
  51. Public Speaking: Be a Professional Speaker
  52. Adobe Fonts Basics
  53. 11 Key Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Antivirus
  54. Telecom Customer Churn Prediction in Apache Spark (ML)
  55. Note Making - Format, Procedure and Points to remember
  56. Complete WhatsApp Marketing Course
  57. Environmental Ecosystem and Natural Resources
  58. Diary Writing- Meaning, Tips, Format and Benefits
  59. Board Member Executive Certification (BMEC)
  60. Learn Chess in Hindi : Zero to Master Level
  61. QuickBooks Pro-Business & Personal-One QuickBooks File
  62. 49 Weight Loss Tips You Can Stick To Forever - Be Thinner
  63. IT Security 101 - Cyber Security for Beginners
  64. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Funnel Crash Course- 2023
  65. Capture, Edit, Render: Create UHD Screen Videos with NVIDIA
  66. Remote Speaking - Pro Speaking Skills in The Coronavirus Era
  67. Public Speaking for Women
  68. Financial Accounting: A Comprehensive Guide with E-book
  69. Contract Law Guide: How to Write a Service Contract
  70. Make Money From Home As a Transcriptionist: 10 Opportunities
  71. Public Speaking Disasters: Recover from Your Speech Blunders
  72. No Oil Cooking Recipes - Eat Healthy! Live Strong!
  73. Mastering of Plumbing Systems : From Pipes to Principles2023
  74. Fast track French for beginners
  75. The 10 Laws for Personal Success - The Complete Course
  76. IT/Desktop Computer Support- Troubleshooting for Technicians
  77. Master Budgets – Managerial Accounting/Cost Accounting
  78. Letter of Credit, Trade Finance, ISBP, UCP 600/500 Made Easy
  79. Presentation Skills Training: Give a Great Boardroom Speech
  80. Responsibility Accounting & Performance Measurement
  81. Negotiation A-Z™: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator
  82. Object Oriented Programming in C++ & Interview Preparation
  83. Ultimate Crypto & Web3 Course, from DeFi to NFT all-in-one
  84. Learn HTML and CSS together for Beginners
  85. Media Training -Radio: How to Speak Effectively on the Radio
  86. Introduction to Bar Graphs
  87. Build An NFT Marketplace From Scratch - Blockchain DApp
  88. Adobe Behance Basics
  89. An In-depth Study of Antivirus Software
  90. Payroll Accounting: Laws, Calculations, and Journal Entries
  91. Complete Beginners Trading Strategy For Passive Income
  92. Public Relations: Speak Effectively at Press Conferences
  93. Marketing Professional Certification
  94. Corporate Finance #15 Dividend Policy
  95. Bank Reconciliations & Cash Internal Controls
  96. Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads Course For Beginners 2023
  97. Factors that impact Mental Health and Well-being
  98. Public Speaking: Speak Like a High-Powered Executive
  99. Corporate Finance #11 Capital Budgeting
  100. Introduction to Histogram and Frequency Polygon
  101. Master Course in Poultry and Pet Management 2.0
  102. The BEST Futures Trading Course for All Levels (2023)
  103. Practical Steps to Improve Mental Health and Well-Being
  104. Excellence in Digital Marketing (Advanced Learning Classes)
  105. Receivables & The Allowance vs The Direct Write Off Methods
  106. Test Your Python Programming Skills with Chapter Wise Exams
  107. Digital Marketing Business Online For Free Social Media 2023
  108. Run Digital Marketing Ad Using Google Adwords Express 2023
  109. Conference Calls-You Can Present Well On Any Conference Call
  110. XML and XSD: a complete W3C-content based course (+10 hours)
  111. EFT Your Travel Stress and Fear of Flying
  112. Accounting-Statement of Cash Flows
  113. Accounting for Corporations - Financial Accounting
  114. Cold Calling Guide: Master Selling on the Phone
  115. Relevant Costs - Managerial Accounting Decisions & Scenarios
  116. Personal Communication-Introduce Yourself With Confidence
  117. SEO Strategy 2023. SEO training to TOP rank your website!
  118. The Complete Drums Course From Scratch - For All Ages
  119. Executive Diploma in Innovation Management
  120. The Complete Business Process Re-engineering Master Class
  121. Journalism: Be a Great Talk Show Host
  122. PMP - Project Management Professional - Question Bank
  123. Level 1 - Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program
  124. Cost Volume Profit Analysis (CVP) – Managerial Accounting
  125. Investing Presentations-Deliver an IPO Roadshow Presentation
  126. Complete Algorithmic Trading Course - Forex, Stocks, Crypto
  127. Letter writing - Format, Formal and Informal letters, MCQs
  128. C++ Training Crash Course 2022
  129. Email Writing
  130. Invitation Writing -Formal and Informal, Reply to invitation
  131. 39 Travel Tips to Make Your Travel More Enjoyable - 1 Hour
  132. Combining Classical Music, Poetry, Art To Create New Works
  133. Italian hair extensions / the hot technology
  134. Adobe After Effects Ultimate Guide
  135. Presentation Skills: Give Great Skype Video Presentations
  136. 18 Crucial Cyber Security Tips
  137. Adobe Color Basics
  138. Link building 2023. Build links that boost the site traffic!
  139. Emerging trends and technologies in Cyber Security
  140. How to BUILD CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM: Unleash a New You!
  141. Introduction to the Music Business - course online
  142. Adobe Creative Cloud Projects
  143. Facebook Ads Google My Business & Google Ads (Adwords) 2023
  144. Flexible Budgets, Standard Costs, & Variance Analysis
  145. Corporate Finance #4 Leverage & Break-Even Analysis
  146. Corporate Finance #9 Valuation-Bond, Common /Preferred Stock
  147. Learn BigData & Hadoop with Practical
  148. Bitcoin Breakthrough Secrets | Complete Cryptocurrency Guide
  149. Heron's Formula and its applications to Quadrilaterals
  150. Two QuickBooks File-Business & Personal vs One File For Both
  151. Cold Email Templates Guide: How to Get Customers Using Email
  152. Time To Go: How To Safely Leave An Abusive Relationship
  153. Negotiation 101
  154. Job Order Costing System – Managerial Accounting
  155. Public Relations: How to Be a Government/PIO Spokesperson
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