Register on DKMS, save a life, and get HLA Typing report (usually worth Rs. 15,000/-) for FREE!

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DKMS is very reputed and well-known:

My friends, this is a deal of a lifetime – a chance to save some life!

Several people in the world are currently battling imminent death due to diseases such as Leukemia, Thalassemia, and other rare diseases.

According to doctors, these patients have two options: If they gets a Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Transplant, they can be perfectly cured quickly. OR, if they don’t get one, they can die equally quickly.

For such a transplant, an HLA matched donor is required. India has a public registry called DKMS ( which has a completely online registration process, and no money is involved. They also tell the HLA report after the test if you request them. You will get to know if there is a match for you in the world should the need arises some day..!!

An Indian is more likely to match with an Indian. For testing, only a a simple cheek swab (buccal swab) sample is required and donor always maintains a right to refuse a donation. Currently, the chances of finding such donors are 1 in 10000 to 1 in a million. Indian registries have around 5 lakh donors. International registries have 35 Million donors.

India has a population of 135 Crores. Indian Armed forces alone has 35 lakh personnel, including reserved forces. Indian Railways has 14 lakh employees. India Post alone has 4 lakh employees. Jio has 40 Crore subscribers.

Can we save these patients, by encouraging all our contacts, to voluntarily register for DKMS? I foresee India being a leader in this area.

With folded hands, I urge you all to register and spread the word.

Price Comparison:
DKMS ( Free
DATRI ( Rs. 1,800/-
HLA matching at any private lab: Rs. 15,000/-

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