Pre Order - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

Pre Order - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

14% OFF 164999.0
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Upgrade bonus
[Series,Zseries,Apple,Google] - ₹ 15,000 Discount

Add EHS64 - ₹ 8,250 Discount

Fold open a mobile gaming beast with a massive screen made better with the Vision Booster's powerful brightness and clarity even in broad daylight.

  • 2600nits
  • 1.5xbrighter
Powerful gaming with the fastest processor on Galaxy foldables

Enjoy silky-smooth gaming with Vulkan, even in AAA games. Then, Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy renders graphics that are absolutely fire.

The fastest Snapdragon on a Galaxy Z Fold yet

  • GPU

    19%faster graphics rendering

  • NPU

    42%improved on-device AI performance

  • CPU

    18%faster performance

Game harder.Game longer

Our battery ensures all-day enjoyment. It's not just a massive battery, but also leverages a more efficient display. Game on.

  • List to music up to  - 77hrs
  • Watch videos up to - 23hrs
Expiring In 16 days
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