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Signoraware containers at Minimum 50% off

Signoraware containers at Minimum 50% off

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Signoraware Fridger Fresh Plastic Container, 850ml, Pink

₹89. (51 % off).

Signoraware Handy Polypropylene Square Set, 3-Pieces, Pink

₹103. (51 % off).

Signoraware Modular Round Container Set, 1.1 Litres, Set of 2, Maroon

₹153. (51 % off).

SignoraWare Twist Glass Jar, 1.5 Litre, Green

₹160. (54 % off).

Signoraware Aqua Star Bottle, 500 ML with silicon Sleeve, Red

₹164. (56 % off).

Signoraware Claro Pro Borosilicate Glass Bottle, 550 ml, Clear

₹183. (52 % off).

Signoraware Aqua Frost Bottle, 550 ML, Red

₹186. (58 % off).

Signoraware Aqua Prime Glass Water Bottle, 360ml/21mm, Clear (Design2)

₹188. (56 % off).

Signoraware Egnite Single Walled Stainless Steel Fridge Water Bottle, 750ml, Blue

₹191. (50 % off).

Signoraware Aqua Splash Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle, Set of 1, Red, 550 ml

₹214. (50 % off).

Signoraware Lock ‘N’ Store High Borosilicate Bakeware Safe Glass Container Round, 950ml, Clear

₹226. (50 % off).

SignoraWare High Borosilicate Bakeware Safe Glass Release Knob, 800 ml, Transparent

₹256. (57 % off).

Signoraware Renew Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Bottle, 500ml, Blue

₹332. (56 % off).

Signoraware Revive Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Bottle, 600ml, Sky Blue

₹334. (56 % off).

Signoraware Medium Combo Executive Lunch with Bag, Deep Violet

₹338. (51 % off).

Signoraware Aqua Star 750ml with silicon and Aqua Star 550ml with silicon (Combo Borosilicate Glass), 750ml+550ml, Set of …

₹393. (55 % off).

Cello Octa Premium Edition Safe Plastic Water Bottle, 1 Litre, Set of 6, Green

₹508. (54 % off).

Signoraware Modular Steel Container Round 6100ml+6100ml, Set of 2, Blue

₹590. (58 % off).

Signoraware Modular Steel Container (Window Round) Mirror,Set of 2, 2300ml+2300ml, Silver

₹731. (56 % off).

Signoraware Modular Steel Container Round 1000+1500ml+2000ml+6100ml, Set of 4, Red

₹792. (53 % off).

Signoraware Modular Plastic Cereal Dispenser Set, 8-Pieces, Red

₹834. (53 % off). 5% coupon applied

Signoraware Modular Steel Container (Window Round) Matte, Set of 3,950ml+1400ml+1800ml, Silver

₹841. (51 % off).

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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Thanks for adding the suggestions.


Already bought their 1000ml microwaveable glass container, day before yesterday.


Now actually looking for a decent steel (or transparent/ not coloured polycarbonate) 2000ml water tumbler or carafe type container.

Post Emperor Post Emperor
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Lowest price

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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To be honest, except for the original models, (these dispensers, steel ones are not having good reviews)

I have tried Signoraware, Mastercook and few other. Signoraware is definitely better. Not a single container broke or deformed so far in 5 years.

Out of  15-20 boxes we have, my experience is better to avoid large ones (above 5 litres) as the lid tends to become loose. And, somehow insects and bugs comes

And, for the borosil glass containers, I tried Signoraware, Borosil and one more brand from Tata Cliq (Femora).

BigBasket has cheapest of all and the quality is as good as Signoraware.

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