Signoraware Fortune Lunch Box with Bag, Pink

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  • A good meal is one of the greates fortunes we can have, We should not only enjoy if but cherish it
  • Cherish your meal time with Signoraware’s Carry lunch box and spread and share it with love
  • 4 Spill proof and air tight containers keep food fresh, crisp and warm, Unique insulated bag keeps food warm for hours
  • Easy to fit and store in briefcase, School bag or hand bag, Ideal for office executives and stundents
  • Color : Pink, Material : Polypropylene
  • Package Contents :1 Piece Crispy Slim Big 850 ml Each, 1 Piece Handy Square 150 ml, 2 Piece Cute Container 100 ml each , ( Total Container Capacity 1200 ml)
Expiring In 17 days
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