Microsoft Azure Storage – The Complete Guide

The Complete Microsoft Azure Storage Administrator Guide

Mastering Cloud Automation using Azure PowerShell | DevOps

Azure DevOps | Automate boring system administration task using PowerShell | DevOps Administration | Ebook included

Complete Portuguese Course: Portuguese for Beginners

Learn Portuguese FAST with this non-stop Portuguese speaking course for BEGINNERS: learning will be easy and fun!

The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners

C Programming: The Fundementals of C Programming Language from Ground UP with Illustrated + Hands on Coding Expalanation

Data Science Real-World Use Cases – Hands On Python

Solve 3 real Business Problems, Build Robust AI, Ml , NLP and Time Series models in Real World Scenarios..

How to Create Profitable Marketing Content

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Writing for Digital Marketing

Ultimate TallyPrime With GST Step By Step Guide – 2021

TallyPrime, Inventory ,Tally ,Payroll ,Bookkeeping ,Accounting,TallyPrime With GST, Tally Latest Version, Financial, MIS

Building Youtube Clone Using Laravel and Livewire

Complete Course to build Youtube Clone using Livewire and Video Encoding Using FFMPEG.

Art, Art Therapy and PTSD

Art Therapy exercises applied to children and/or the military

HTML 5 from Beginner to Pro-Code [ 7 Days Challange ]

Able to learn a Complete HTML & HTML 5 Like a Pro with 7x Faster in Coding Methods

German Language Course – Authentic Dialects and Accents

Train your Comprehension Skills

Python for beginners – Learn all the basics of python

Learn how to program in python- python functions-python basic apps – python tips and tricks – Other Python features

Deploy Free Email Marketing Server on AWS from Scratch

Free Email Marketing Short Course Along with Cheapest All India Database for both Technical and Non Technical Person

Writing Poetry for Beginners: How to Write Winning Poetry

Writing Poetry for Beginners: How to Write Winning Poetry – Taught by an Award-Winning Poet

Learn 4 STEPS to Make Money Online by Blogging!

Learn SIMPLE Steps That Made Me a LIFE-CHANGING Income by Blogging!

All Exports Documentation & Procedure for 2021: Any Country

Super simple steps to learn about entire pre-shipment and post-shipment documents and procedures for any country exports

Ultimate Adobe Photoshop CC Masterclass Basics To Advanced

Photoshop Color Image Correction, 3D Effect, Shadow, Blending, Skin Tone Retouching, Masking, Blur Filter, Clipping Path

How to Find Keywords on a Website with Mangool SEO Tools!

How to Use the Best Keywords for Blog Post – Simple Golden Keyword Formula – SEO Keyword Crash Course Under 1 Hour!

RDF and SPARQL Essentials

A practical introduction to RDF, Turtle, TriG and SPARQL for authoring and querying knowledge graph data

Tableau 2019 + Tableau 2018: Tableau CA Certification 2020

Official Tableau Certified Associate Certification Syllabus + 2 Mock Exams! Learn Tableau to get Associate Certification

G Suite Master Course

Everything you need to know about G Suite

Secrets Of Reverse Aging & Longevity

Discover The HIDDEN SECRETS To Anti-Aging

The Complete Business & Marketing Course – 23 Courses in 1

The Most Comprehensive Masterclass in Business & Marketing – Start Growing Today!

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