Tcp Terminal Pro for android

Tcp Terminal Pro for android

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stoptomove TCP Terminal with configurable Macro Buttons.

Send and receive text or hexadecimal data to a TCP Socket.

Client mode:
App connects to server on specified server IP address / domain name and port.

Server mode:
App starts a local TCP server (on device's IP) and waits for a client to connect on specified port.
Please note, system ports (0 .. 1023) are available only on rooted devices.

• TCP mode (client / server)
• data format (text / hexadecimal data) can be configured separately for the terminal screen and for the command input.
• local echo (also see what you sent).
• Rx Tx counter
• adjustable font size
• configurable Macro buttons (unlimited rows and buttons)

Macro buttons configurability:
• add / delete row
• add / delete button
• set button text
• add / delete button commands
• each button can have unlimited number of commands, they will execute in sequence
• export all buttons to JSON file
• import buttons from JSON file

Available Macro commands:
• send text
• send hexadecimal
• insert text
• insert hexadecimal
• recall previous command
• recall next command
• delay milliseconds
• delay microseconds
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