TCS- Free Career Counselling Certification Course(Early Bird Offer)

TCS- Free Career Counselling Certification Course(Early Bird Offer)

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Career counselling is increasingly seen as having a huge significance in a student’s life. Today’s youth are keener to carve out their own paths rather than following the traditional routes of their predecessors. Technological innovations on a daily basis are making way for new career paths to emerge. The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world of today is throwing up immense opportunities and challenges, and there is a strong chance of students/professionals getting confused in making the right academic or career decisions.

A career counsellor with the appropriate counselling through analysis, an understanding of the student’s world and using relevant diagnostic tools can play a major role in helping a student take the right decision. If you think you have what it takes, then this programme could be a perfect match. You will be glad to receive a comprehensive course created in collaboration with academicians, subject matter experts and veteran counsellors. This is not all, after completion of this programme, you will have an opportunity to get empanelled with TCS iON as a Career Counsellor.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduates from any stream/Psychology Graduates will have an advantage/Working Professionals aspiring to become Career Counsellors

What you will learn in this course?
  • Filter influential factors affecting career choices
  • Interpret career counselling theories and perspectives
  • Apply a scientific framework for psychometric tests in career counselling
  • Elaborate academic and career pathways
  • Conduct career guidance conversations
TCS iON Certified Career Counselling Course Syllabus
1. Module 1: Counselling Skills and Ethics of Practice
  • Introduction to Career Counselling
  • Introduction to Counselling skills
  • Issues of ethics and diversity in Career Counselling
  • Process of Counselling
2. Module 2: Understanding Adolescents, Early Adults and Parents/Families
  • Working with Adolescents
  • Working with Parents
  • Group Counselling
3. Module 3: Career Counselling – Theories and Perspectives
  • Counselling theories and approaches – key elements
  • Techniques of Counselling
4. Module 4: Overview of TCS iON Diagnostic Assessments
  • Need for Diagnostic tests
  • Rationale/framework for the TCS iON Diagnostic tests for career profiling
  • Rationale/framework for the TCS iON Self-exploration tests
  • TCS iON Diagnostic tests for career profiling
  • TCS iON Self-exploration tests
5. Module 5: Implementing the TCS iON Diagnostic Assessments
  • TCS iON Career Counselling products
  • User journey
  • Introduction to the Game-based assessment
6. Module 6: Leveraging the TCS iON Platform – Holding Career Conversations
  • Getting affiliated with TCS iON
  • Benefits of getting affiliated with TCS iON
  • The understanding of the organisation of the world of work
  • Information repository and its usage
  • Holding career conversations through the usage of the TCS iON platform
Benefits of TCS iON Certified Career Counselling Course
  • This course is available free of cost for a limited time so apply fast
  • Enriching learning resources accessible anytime and anywhere
  • This course is moderated by an Academic Expert and Industry Expert with a focus on building conceptual clarity and industry-oriented applied knowledge.
  • Scenario-based Assignments​- Access to dummy reports of student diagnostics to prepare for career guidance
  • Intermediate Assessments-Continuous check for skills competency highlighting the scope for improvement
  • Final Assessment-End-term test of theoretical and applied knowledge
  • Digital Certificate issued by Academia and Industry on successful completion of the learning programme
  • TCS iON Empanelment Opportunity-To provides an opportunity for learners to become empanelled Counsellors with TCS iON.
  • Get empanelled with TCS iON as Career Counsellor

Important Dates
  • The last date to apply for this course is 10th September 2022
  • The commencement date of this course is 20th September 2022

Expiring In 8 months
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