Trick get Sololearn Subscription Free

Trick get Sololearn Subscription Free

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Trick- This is refferal trick. Pm me for referal.

Steps in short-

1) Get your referral link of your main account.

2)Sign up using this link in your browser using (or any other) temp mail service . and verify that account.

3)Install parallel space (or any other this kinda) app ,

4)Clone Sololearn in parallel space.

5)Sign in using newly created account.

your referral is complete now next complete two lessons by just doing next-next. 1 Month Subscription will be credited to your account. No need to payment. It's good for learning Coding.

I did 6 times i got 6 months lol...

PM me for referal link 

Expiring In 2 months
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Link Copied

Lol I got it...

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