Ultratech ghar ki baat campaign: win 1 GB jio data voucher

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Play ultratech contest on myjio app engage section and win 1 gb data

In order to win u have to give all 38 quiz answers.



1. Participation and Registration 

(a) The Participant may participate in theUltraTech Contest by registering on MyJio that may be downloaded from app store for iOS or play store for android. UltraTechContest will be available on MyJio during the Contest Period. 

(b) Any entry for participation in theUltraTech Contest is not transferrable.

© The Company may, at its discretion, contact the Participant, if required, for any clarifications needed on the information provided, proof of identity and/or eligibility.

(d) The Company reserves the right to disqualify any Participant from theUltraTech Contest at its sole discretion, should the Participant at any stage furnish untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information.

(e) For Non-Jio Subscribers: Such Participant will have to verify their mobile number by confirming the OTP received on their mobile number. After confirming the mobile number, the Participant will have to open JioEngage tab in MyJio and click on‘UltraTech Contest’ tab to start participating in UltraTech Contest

(f) For Jio Subscribers: Such Participant may directly open JioEngage tab in MyJioand click on ‘UltraTech Contest’ tab to start participating in the UltraTech Contest.

(g) This Contest is available only for Android & iOS users. This Contest is not available for JioPhone users.

(h) The Participant hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Company shall be entitled to, for the purposes of UltraTech Contest, receive the contact information of the Participant(s) from MyJio.

(i) Taking part in the registration process shall be deemed to be acceptance by the Participant to receive promotional messages from the Company or any third party so authorized by the Company.

(j) The procedures for registration and participation in UltraTech Contest are subject to the Terms and Conditions stated herein.

2. Charges for UltraTech Contest

(a) Downloading MyJio and participating in UltraTech Contest is free of cost; however data charges may apply.

(b) In case any Participant registers while roaming in a different circle/zone/country, additional roaming rates may apply.

3. Rules

(a) A Participant can participate inUltraTech Contest any time during the Contest Period by clicking on the “Play Now” of UltraTech Tab / Banner.

(b) The UltraTech Contest consists of 38 questions of the Quiz. A Participant has to answer all questions, correctly after watching the Training Videos, to become eligible for the “Additional Data” prize. 

© A Participant may answer a question more than once.

(d) The Company may decide to choose such Participant (s) who successfully completes the UltraTech Contest as a“Selected Participant”.

(e) A Selected Participant shall be entitled to an Additional Data voucher of 1GB after completing each phase. For avoidance of doubt, a Selected Participant is entitled to only one Additional Data voucher for completing each phase of the Quiz. However, if a Selected Participant is a non-Jio subscriber, such Selected Participant will be led to the process of availing telecommunication services of RJIL.

(f) Special terms and conditions applicable on Additional Data Voucher are provided in Annexure 1.

(g) Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a Selected Participant received/redeemed an Additional Data voucher earlier in this Contest, he/she will not be eligible to receive an Additional Data voucher under this Contest.

(h) The Company may decide to choose any number of Selected Participant (s) at any given point of time within the Contest Period. However the Company may award only 50,000 such Additional Data vouchers on a first come first serve basis to Selected Participants.

Expiring In 42 minutes
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If you recharge Rs.10 you get 1 GB data and Rs.7 talk time. Here you are getting only 1 GB data. So real value of “prize” is Rs.3 only. And along with Rs.3, you also get lifetime spam calls and emails.

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panchabhut wrote:

If you recharge Rs.10 you get 1 GB data and Rs.7 talk time. Here you are getting only 1 GB data. So real value of “prize” is Rs.3 only. And along with Rs.3, you also get lifetime spam calls and emails.

This is called true looter

Deal Subedar

Till now I never received any calls whereas I received everyday calls from Airtel

BTW not playing this game does not mean you will not receive calls