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Unlimited Pan Pizzas & Pepsi @269 at PizzaHut

Unlimited Pan Pizzas & Pepsi @269 at PizzaHut

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Terms & Conditions

  • Offer Valid on Friday only
  • Unlimited Veg Pizzas and unlimited Pepsi @ 269*
  • Unlimited Non -Veg Pizzas and unlimited Pepsi @ 299*
  • Prices exclusive of applicable govt. taxes
  • Offer Valid on select medium pizzas
  • Country Feast & Veggie Feast for Veg.
  • Chicken Sausage & Spiced Chicken Meatballs for Non-Veg.
  • The deal is non-shareable i.e. one UPF deal can be consumed by one guest only
  • Offer valid for in-store consumption only
  • Offer valid in select restaurants
  • Take Away & Delivery not allowed
  • Limited Time Offer

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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it’s 269 not 249, but Sound nice VU

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Can I sit there for the whole day, and keep enjoying pizzas and pepsi? stuck_out_tongue

Entertainer Entertainer
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I used to go pizza hut on Friday for unlimited pizza party… Trust me u can’t eat more than 2 pizzas. They give very simple pizzas without customization. Better eat 1 pizza and customize it with cheese max.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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You can pay via gc,i even had garlic bread with cheese in unlimited longback and there’s specific timing like 1 to 4 pm etc.

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Trust me if you wanna have unlimited pizza never fall for that unlimited pepsi trap

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Jisko bhi party deni hai abhi hi nipatlo , saste mei ho jayega…. Even ur most bhukkad friend can’t eat too many of em, so no coat overruns dats for sure. If he refuses and says lets eat variety of foods( thats what my bhookadd friends do) , then say ma pawri ma rules sunglasses point_up see this as a yo sign , pepsi ki ad mei dekhte ho vaisa, on dat note plz add more emojis, plz)

Hunk Hunk
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I used to visit PH during this offer quite a while ago. Trust me, one pizza and 2nd pizza that’s it! your stomach will be full uptill your neck. This is a trap to increase footfall at their stores.

Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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Damn. Not applicable ☹️
But good share for others