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veer iron deep kadhai 2 mm (1 litre) on snapdeal

veer iron deep kadhai 2 mm (1 litre) on snapdeal

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https://m.snapdeal.com/product/name/66459301840... Ms Pure Iron Kadhai (Dia - 8 Inches)

Cooking:Traditional Iron cookware is great for cooking any delicacies. Iron cookware gets heated quickly and heat spreads evenly throughout the utensil, cooks faster and better. Iron pots spread heat evenly compared to any other pots. This helps us to cook the food well. Health benefits : We should use Iron cookware when we want more iron particles to be mixed with the food. People with low iron levels in the body can benefit from eating food cooked in iron utensils. After a few days of usage, iron cookware becomes non-stick. So one can cook using less oil, which is very healthy. Iron cookware is solely made of Iron so they are absolutely chemical-free. Durable Iron utensils are more flexible and durable. They do not break easily and with use; they get better. Maintenance Easily maintainable, if not in use for longer periods, apply any vegetable oil or any plain oil and then store it. Easy to Clean Iron utensils are easy to clean. We can use normal detergents to remove the stain marks from them. Care Instructions 1)Preheat and then after it cools, scrub thoroughly with salt and detergent/gel before first use. As product is oiled and is coated of anti rust varnish for better shelf life. 2) Rinse with warm water and use a brash or scraper to remove stuck-on bits. If you used sufficient fat for cooking, you might not need more than a quick rinse with warm — but not detergent — water and a gentle scrub. You can also use a gentle brash or plastic pan scraper to remove stuck-on food. 3) For really stuck-on food, scrub with salt and oil, rinse and wipe clean. If rinsing and scrubbing aren’t sufficient, pour a few tablespoons of canola oil and a few tablespoons of kosher salt into the pan and use a paper towel to scrub the pan with this mixture until it comes clean, then rinse. 4) Dry the pan and coat with a thin layer of oil

Benefits of Iron Cookware 1) Highly Durable. 2)Excellent Cooking Performance. 3) Quick and Easy to Clean. 4) Requires Very Little Maintenance. 5) Lightweight and Easy to Store. 6) Highly Affordable. 7) Recyclable Material
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