1/2 KG (500 Gram) Bangalore Refinery Silver Bar + Gold Bar Purity UPDATE!


Hello Guys

It’s Varun and I am back with another unboxing/review of a Silver bar and that too a 500 Gram Bar. Yes you read that right,I finally saved up for a 500 gram bar and without any further ado went ahead grabbed it before the price started to climb again. So the 500 gram bar cost me Rs. 20,880 which to me was a pretty sweet deal, I got it from Treasuresouq https://treasuresouq.com/bangalore-refinery-500...

PRICE AS OF[23/12/2017:₹20,575.00]

If you ever end up purchasing from them let me know in the comments! I am impressed with their service and there is no doubt that I will be purchasing more via Treasuresouq. As far as the update for the gold bar goes, I went to my local jeweler and got my 5 gram bar checked and he said it is pure 24kt and weighs exactly 5 Grams,so yay for that!So do not think twice before purchasing metals from Bangalore Refinery via Treasuresouq since the quality has no concerns at all. Let me know if you enjoyed the video by commenting and smashing the like button

Thanks a lot for reading!