1-Port Gigabit XPON Terminal

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  • Gigabit Internet Access: One PON and one gigabit LAN port provide fast transfer speeds*
  • XPON Support: EPON + GPON dual mode offers greater flexibilty for fiber internet access
  • Durability: Intelligent power-saving method
  • Remote Management: Supports the OMCI (ONU Management Control Interface) protocol for centralized configuration and management


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Off topic: Can someone recommend a good BSNL certified single band ONT? I'm aware of Syrotech, Digisol, Netlink etc but not sure which one to get that has a good WiFi range & offers a stable connection with little to no downtime. TP- link is not BSNL certified.

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No such good ONT. Just setup the ONT in bridge mode (by researching a lot of online guides & videos) & connect via ethernet to your own router to manage the connection or simply connect your own router to ONT via ethernet & put it into DMZ zone of the ONT settings & then connect only to the wifi of your own router. Btw, many ppl using tplink models (both routers as well as ONT) with BSNL fiber connection.
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