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I have a query which is easier and low maintenance cycle for everyday running of approx 15 KMs between 7 gear and 21 gear cycles.  Main purpose is to reduce stomach fat.

Earlier I used Herculies 21 Shimano Gear cycle for few days 2-3 years ago. But every 5-7 days,  the gear had shifting problem and needed 50-100 rs. maintenance every week. 

So please suggest me a low maintenance but still easy running gear cycle.  Looking for Urban terrain brand this time.

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akone wrote:


Best looks and low maintenance but still easy running gear cycle

PS. Gifted by my company 😬

steel frame makes it a half star less, otherwise excellent

I myself hv been using waltx cycle, it has also same gear shifting problem from 5th to 6th gear now I hv adjusted myself to it's problem 😂😂

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get a hybrid bike and for good experience, stretch your budget till 20k.

Firefox Rapide 21s is a good option or you can go with Decathlon if you live in a city where it's present. Riverside models start at 10k or 15k, I don't remember.

If you'll go for cheap cycles, your experience will always be on the lower side and instead of continuing the sport, you'll eventually leave it. Better to invest a bit and I do agree cycling is an expensive sport now especially after Covid-19 but that's a fact we all need to accept and move ahead in life.

Get a good lightweight hybrid bike and experience the fun of cycling.

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