Aadhar/Name mismatch

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I tried to open online savings account in PNB and Yesbank ..in both cases got the same error

 "Name mismatch in aadhar/Pan"

But i carefully checked and found that..on both aadhar and pan card exact same name printed..there is not even single word mismatched..

How can I resolve this issue?

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Check name after logging in Aadhaar website, then go to verify PAN website and check name there.  If it matches then no problem. But if not then you can update name online in any one document easily. I did it last week. The name was same in both just the order of first name, middle name and last name was different. 

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It may be because the name in the Income Tax database could be different from what is printed on the PAN. This link could be of help to verify.

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Yeah same thing happen to me reason is pan card won't allow single letter initials for surname while the display name of pan card is same as aadhar after entering pancard bank will get only the expanded name not the display name so it will not match only way you can open account through offline only banks recently updated like this previously they allow to create account just by verifying only aadhar

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