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2 parts – 1st , a complain (if not interested, skip it. No ones forcing you to read).
        2nd , a short guide/suggestions on pocket knife models.


Had a coupon on luggage and accessories so thought to use it. After 11 days (noticed that nowadays, they don’t deliver the date they show before payment, after paying they’ll show a much later date), I found a old, dirty victorinox pocket knife (the one with scissors) 5 yrs old stock and god knows where it was stored all this time.
It was covered in dust and grime and the scissor spring already damaged.
The edition I ordered doesn’t come in sealed box like alox ones. It comes in a shabby leatherlin pouch, so whoever was packing it could have at least wipe off the dust… Then again I got a parachute oil bottle with pigeon poop all over it 2 years ago (another complain I wrote in DD back then) :/https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/677693/medium/IMG20210412104352.jpg?1618221794
Below is a comparison pic with a small garlic pod. The blade is ridiculously tiny for Rs 980. Honestly, I thought it would be the same size as officer/tinker (smaller) models. I was terribly mistaken. Return initiated.https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/677695/medium/IMG20210412121903.jpg?1618221961========
Suggestions -

From personal experience, I have a few suggestions if anyone is interested in buying pocket knives.

If you want a simple, non heavy duty compact/travelling knife – Go for tinker/officer/recruit models. They come at excellent discount randomly (Keepa is your friend).

For heavy duty ones – Leatherman is the top choice. Their squirt model is awesome (dad owns it, bought from Malaysia. Buy it from overseas to get better discounts on Leatherman models).
Saw Boker, Makita and a few others that have decent ones too but less functions and or no lock mechanism in all tools.

And if you want a non fancy, simple but solid blade as self defense in close range – my new companion Swiza D01/D02 model. Has locking mechanism.
And a mean blade. Says got lifetime warranty, hope they keep their promise.