Account suspended due to multiple ids


Hello dimers,

How many of you know that we can’t use multiple dd id in one device no_mouth

Short while ago, I came to know through your email that my id is suspended due to multiple ids. But i never did any cheating in any id, nor there is any cheating allegation by any dimer in any of id. Infact i use secondary id very rarely (2-5 min a month or so).

To be honest, the sole reason for making my double account is to post some discussion without my identity being revealed as through primary id i have now known many people here. In Gmail, Facebook everywhere multiple ids are allowed so it’s very intuitive to make multiple accounts.

Atleast I should be warned once & then I would have stopped at there and then only.
Being humble, no body reads privacy policies. I request amdins to re consider suspension of dd id named “Dealo” and i gurantee to never use multiple account, as it was a mistake because of unawareness. And even 1 mistake is usually forgiven, here it is unawareness.

I have traded here with a lot of people, and always being a honest consumer of this website.

I hope admin reconsider that suspension