Actual meaning of 365 day return policy!

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This site has a long way to go as far as customer service is concerned. I very much doubt it’s just a one-man show. Their invoice does not mention a customer service number and the only number given on their website is a landline number, whch goes unanswered most of the time and even when answered, mostly by a guy called Rahul, he has no clue on how to help you, just says he will check and call you back, which never happens! I purchased shoes for my child through this site and got the wrong size. After following up thrice they sent a blue dart person to my house to pick up the shoes promising that they would replace it soon. It’s one month since I have returned the product and have still not heard from them. I was stupid to have agreed for a replacement instead of insisting on a refund. Attempted to reach a mobile number found online but there is no response, same for the landline number. Have lost Rs. 700 and I’ll strongly recommend to everyone not to buy from this unprofessional venture. They have no systems to track a return shipment, no system to generate a complaint number and no customer service team. Their website says they have a 365 day return policy, what it should actually say is that once you decide to return something, they will take 365days to figure out what to do with it!! Buyer’s beware! The best website for online shopping for kids as far as my experience goes is undoubtedly

My Mangostreet order no: 100001544
Order Date: March 3, 2012

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