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What is the gameplay in offering ADD ON CARDS.
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Depends on the bank.

With add on card you can use offer again which you get with primary card. 

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Here's the gameplay -

Banks like offering add-on cards because they are getting more business (through more usage / swipes) and are transferring the liability / risk on to the primary cardholder.

For customers, add-on cards are easier to get for family members rather than doing a fresh application. Also in the case of paid / annual fees cards, add-on card helps save/split those.

HDFC is infamous of offering add-on cards with same CC numbers. Thus, for online transaction OTPs go the primary cardholder's mobile phone. SBI, Citi and ICICI issue add-on CCs with different numbers and OTPs go to the add-on mobile phone.

Another advantage of add-on cards is that offers can be redeemed both on the primary and add-on card, most of the times. In rare cases, it is only limited to primary cardholder.

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And it really depends on your use case. Examples -

Infinia waives off fees on spends of 8L/year. If you only have 5L/year expenses but your family member has 3L, you can take an add-on card for them and save on the annual fees.

Infinia/DCB offer airport lounge access to add-on cardholders. If you don't travel by flights but your family member does they can benefit.

Some banks force a savings account to get a CC. An add-on card can let you bypass that requirement.

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Add On Card only good IF to whom you give it also has sense of using credit card in sensible manner.

I have seen cases with friends , relatives where wives, college going kids got addon cards and spent lavishly,  created huge Credit debt.

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Will lounge access work for add on card members say axis my zone or fk axis?

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