Add on Card Doubts

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Whenever we are using Addon cards, the Rewards earning will be credited to the Primary card holder statement.

Also the Addon card spends will be taken into account for Annual fee spend waiver Calculation.

Pls confirm for IT purposes, whether both Primary and Addon cards spends will be accounted seperately, since we are give pan details for each primary and addon cards.

If it is YES, then we can apply for more add on cards and share the annual spending load among family members and avoid exceeding the 10L limit of CC spends for one PAN.

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Many question, 1 answer – Primary card holder responsible. Even family members rip money, still primary card holder is accountable.

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Although i am not sure how credit card companies report it to IT department but afaik it is the credit card repayment done during the year and logically primary holder is supposed to make the repayments.

IT department is concerned with the spending power of an individual unless it is supported by similar income

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JaiKrish1031 wrote:

Add-on Credit Cards will be discontinued wef March 15, 2022

Please Visit

I already checked that bro.

I confirm that Reward points, any default by add on holder – for all this Primary card holder is responsible.

My only doubt is, if there is a scenario – a Primary Card Holder and 2 Add on card holders. Primary holder spends 7 Lakhs in his card a year, 1st add on person spends 5 Lakhs and 2nd add on person spends 2 Lakhs.

Whether Banks will report 14 Lakhs on Primary card holder name?

Or since we have given pan card for each add ons and those spends are captured seperately under every month statement, the banks will report 7L, 5L and 2L respectively for each?

Edit : Why iam raising this is, already i have crossed 12L spends in all the cards combined for the current assesement year (still 1 month to go). So Wanted to get a clarity on this part.

Some mentioning we sud not cross 10L spends in one card in a year and others saying we sud not cross 10L spends in all the cards combined (this is another doubt for me).

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Not an expert and not much knowledge in that area but I will ask in my circle and get back here.

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in case of Axis, reward points for add on cards accrues to their individual account as the bank assigns different customer id to each add on card holder separately.

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It doesn’t matter because you as the primary card holder will be paying the bill & addon cards are supposed to be issued to your immediate relatives who are dependent on you(for example if your brother/sister/wife are earning then they should get a cc in their own name using their earning as proof). Banks will report the total amount spent on primary+addon cards under primary card holder name only.

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