Airtel dth customer service calling me daily

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i was using airtel dth till november 2021 after that i changed airtel dth registered mobile number..  and stopped using airtel dth .

now issue is they still keep me calling on my main number and tell me this and this offers.. they daily call 2-3 times and explain me offers for my dth

i told them so many time this number is not registered with airtel dth anymore but still they call me daily with different numbers.

when i called 121 and enquired that do u see any details with this  they say sir we see there is no dth account with this number.. 🤣

even when i checked on airtel .in website it does not show any dth account.. 🤔

can anyone provide me airtel dth higher official email id.. 

any help is appreciated

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Bro Dm Them On Twitter Handle @ Airtel_Presence 

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