Alexa/Home Mini - Is it worth it?


Hi, thinking of getting one but would like to know if its really useful when we already have smartphone…does it add any value to our life besides setting alarm/ playing songs?….wonder if it can quickly translate languages/help with synonyms/ quiz for my 7 year old niece…pls advise.. thanks

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Kids just love it. If you have kids at home, go ahead and get one..

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It’s fun for kids, one of the major use for my kids is story telling……

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// does it add any value to our life //

It does..
I only use these smart devices for home automation (Turn on/off – lights, smart plugs & TV) and the results are very productive
Also you can Pause,Play, Favorite a song or add them to playlists with voice commands for spotify with BT Headphones ON (very useful at times when you’re working and can’t touch the phone*) // Link Spotify account >> Link your BT Headphone //

That being said, i find the majority of the alexa skills worthless to me (Like dimers mentioned, some skills might please kids)

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It will lead to unhealthy lifestyle. Tv remote was being blamed for being a couch potato, these automation stuff ll give people incentives to stay on chair or bed.

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For kids, yes. For adults, only if has smart devices like lights, tv, ac etc. For occasional music, yes but without internet these are pretty useless. Echo devices have better sound but alexa is slow and sometimes dumb.