All budget laptops are out of stock on all e-commerce.

Deal Cadet

I was searching for a laptop under 25K for basic documentations & writing work, but, it seems like all the budget laptops are unavailable on eCommerce sites. Maybe the reason could be online classes trend these days. Manufacturers have also increased the price of laptops. At 27-28K, they are offering shitty Pentium, dual, Celeron, Athlon processor. Last year, I purchased an Acer laptop at 25K with an I3 6th gen processor for my friend.

I searched on Olx & found a very good deal, just 20K, a guy offering me a HP laptop having i5 7gen processor, Nvidia GPU, but the issue is he has no invoice. Upon Enquiry him, he asked, he got the laptop from the telecom company, he used to work. I thought If you leave your job, you have to return the company property, how can he sell someone else laptop without owner permission. I denied buying as the seller did not seem to be honest.