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It's a first gen Fire TV stick (2016).The remote isn't working anymore. Checked with Amazon, I was told that it has to be sent to their service centre which will inspect and subsequently will let me know about the repair cost. Meanwhile, I'm looking for an alternative, if that remote isn't repairable anymore. The third gen remote costs 1,999. Help me if you are aware of any alternative. 

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You should’ve bought the 3rd gen in last sale for 2.2k. 

For remote: there are no alternatives except using Fire tv remote app. Otherwise, no brainer to get new fire tv now instead of Fire tv remote for 2k. 

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there are tons of apps which do the job, i have used one - fire TV

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If your tv supports hdmi cec, you can use tv remote to control

Firestick remote internal battery contacts are quite flimsy, if remote is dropped on floor frequently it stops working

try to repair yourself by watching this video

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get any old android mobile lying in your home. install the fire tv app and keep connected to same wifi as the firestick.

I am using RN3 from 2016. It also has IR blaster so can even control the tv directly.. 

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