Amazon enabled Auto Cancellation

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Amazon has enabled Auto cancellation of orders [of physical goods] in my account just because I've replaced and then returned 3 orders in differnt months because every time they sent me damaged or used product.

Their OFM (accounts team) is not responding properly. 

Anyone knows another way to get it restored to normal? Any contact id to their higher authority?

PS: Account is full kyc.

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Even prepaid orders are getting auto cancelled? Did they send any mail about this?
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It reads

It appears that your order has been cancelled by our systems. Based on your past order activity and other actions on, our systems have identified a suspicious order, leading to auto cancellation of your order.

If you have paid for this order, we will initiate a refund.
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All order auto cancellation mails saying this?


What did ofm team say?

Same copy-paste thing as auto reply. When I asked for details, they stopped replying. 

Contact their customer care, talk with some senior and he will correct this.

They, even their seniors, say they can't do anything. 

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Afaik, Customer Care (any Level) are helpless in this regard. 

Reply to the OFM (Account Specialist) email and try to explain (politely) your genuine reason(s) for previous order(s) cancellations (along with proof/SS etc). 

If convinced, they will remove the flag/restriction on your account, instantly.

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It happened with me about 3 years ago almost no cancellations account. So many emails to ofm. Nothing helped initially, later they replied saying I can go ahead to place orders. But even then orders were auto cancelled. Finally it took 4 months or so for the account to function normally

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Got delivery for my Flipkart grocery order and i rejected one wheat flour packet as it was torn and leaking with water inside. This is what I got in return 😐


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Only order grocery from quick delivery platforms like blinkit. Because of their operational nature they almost always have fresher stock & much less chances of tempering/fake products. Con is many times some products won't be in stock but the usual ones mostly are. I have stopped ordering grocery from amazon fresh/fk grocery/bigbasket.
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