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Yesterday I read a blog mentioning that I can buy amazon gift voucher at 5% discount using my HDFC regalia card although I don't know how to avail of that offer also not certain if that kind of offer even exists. I need your confirmation if that kind of offer even exists or not and also want to know the limit and other conditions of buying amazon gvs from smartbuy. If anyone knows about this kindly let me know.

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you can buy max 10k amazon vouchers from smartbuy per month. you'll be charged 1.25% +gst extra and you'll get 5x points for the same if you use regalia card and there is no cashback. 

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blog link pls

5% discount - impossible

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VR_Rahman wrote:
Here it is The blog
False information
Blogger doesn't even understand that there is huge difference between cash back and discount
cash back in the form of reward points is worst vis a vis discount
Diners/Infinia 8.5% or 15% is not that easy as points value vary depending on where u redeem 1RP=1Rs for flights and hotels but upto 70% of value can be paid by RP rest has to be from card
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I suggest you to drop the idea of using regalia for amazon gv purchase, instead just use it for flipkart regular shopping via smartbuy.

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