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Friends, unexpectedly came across this today in google search. At the time of reviewing it, it seemed like it would be great for a freelancer to accept payments from others online... and Razorpay says that donations can also be collected through these payment pages. It also mentions that there is a 2% fee. Amazon Pay wallet option is also available on the checkout page... Need to know more details about these RazorPay payment pages. It may help to transfer Amazon Pay balance to bank account. I think it's a fair deal despite the 2% charge. If any of you are already using it please share your experience.

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I also searched for some sample payment pages on Google and found these pages:





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Amazon pay wallet to bank transfer is already available. 10k limit per month for bank transfer and 20k limit per month for merchant transactions. But I think through Razor pay, payment through gift card and cashback balance will also be possible. 

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Razorpay has no support. I registered more than a year back after filling all details they didn't onboard me. I kept receiving same email to fill the business details again and again and again. Finally I gave up.
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Razorpay is a full fledged commercial payment gateway/aggregator & registering on it will be "permanent" in your financial history. Also, there will be much more checks & restrictions based on your transaction pattern especially after new rbi guidelines regarding payment aggregators.

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amazon pay not showing

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Riggu03 wrote:

amazon pay not showing

yes same for me...what happened??
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