Amazon Return Policy Is there any change

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Is there any change in Amazon Return Policy.

Earlier as soon as items were handed to delivery man, within maximum half an hour refunded amount got reflected in Amazon Pay balance.

But this time It took 4 days in case of shirt return

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Some private sellers take time to refund money

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Also, instant refund is account specific, based on past return history & other parameters.

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Last 7 months amazon turned worst. I heard all operations are being managed by 3rd party. No coordination,  nothing. Out of 10 deliveries 8 never delivered on time including time frame deliveries. Not sure if my area delivery center is like that or any other problem. 

I rarely order and waiting for my prime to expire. 

Refunds, returns everything is getting delayed and nobody to take any responsibility.

So the happy & enthusiastic days of indian e-commerce dying, each day every ease of buying taking away from customer.

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I returned rotten Kiwi fruits last week from Fresh. Still did not get the refund from Amazon.

Gave a complaint on last Sunday. They said it will be refunded to source in 3 days. It has been a week now. Amazon has become the worst. 

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Their (on-paper) policy since July 2013 itself was to initiate refund AFTER the bag gets scanned at recipient warehouse (Fulfillment Centre, in case it is FBA).

But initial days, years they even trusted their contract hired delivery/pick-up associates to verify (and authorise) correct pickup confirmation.. such that if one spoke to customer service even a minute after pick-up.. they did not hesitate to trigger/ initiate the refund.

But eventually the item mismatch or item no longer saleable or same but used item returns (sometimes while keeping the new one).. instances kept on increasing.

Thus now, even for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), since customers or logistics teams (whole chain from Delivery Associate to local station staff to intercity) or even recipient warehouse people.. all are doing fraud..
sometimes depending on factors like delivery location, return (warehouse) location, category of items, seller agreement (internal contract between them and seller), customer account health/ red flags and type of sale (lightening deals or no return no exchange items.. unless damaged).. etcetera made them literally get the scan/update from recipient warehouse. They still do bear the losses if later the inward taking associate at the warehouse marks it as item not fit for sale or item mismatch.

So it happens that refunds are manually initiated in between or automatically triggered after inward scan,
but later the customer account gets a demerit.

Although all kinds of businesses have loss prevention officers (in Amazon they are 'risk investigators'),
things are VERY opaque in Amazon.
Even if one sends the right item and the Amazon warehouse people wrongly update as item damaged, there is really not much left to do after account gets issued a demerit.

Even if months later they realise a bad person at their warehouse was stealing, they hardly ever go back to deep dive the accounts of the customers where the thief staff created wrong entries.

Previously (sometimes even now), L4 (level four) agents or 'lead approval required' cases are there when frontline (L2) agents manually imitithrbtefunf process, in good faith basis.

In such cases, warehouse gets bypassed initially.

Customer 》 requests》 customer care 》 who forward it to》 commercial team/refund issuing team.

Warehouse entry in such cases, comes much after money is already out of hand for them.
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So thieves everywhere , even big companies like amazon cannot do anything, tieup to our poor law & order?

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