Amazon's appeal against displaying sellers' full address rejected by India's Metrology Dept

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The Department of Legal Metrology noticed a violation of mandatory declaration required under rule 6(1) of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules,2011 i.e. the complete address was not displayed on the digital platform of Amazon which is used for e-commerce transactions.

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about time!

also they aren’t too interested in giving out (the legally binding) correct stock expiry dates and correct country of manufacturing details either.
even within the sub-vendors of their alpha sellers (Cloudappario) some vendors properly update data of their stock (listed on-site under Cloudtail, at times)
while some do not.

Also, since 7➕ years the FBA merchandise orders (even if gift orders) NEVER ship with physical (original for buyer/recipient) invoice copy.
Nor (unlike at …say: Flipkart) do they have systems for their CSD agents to trigger the invoice soft copy as an e-mail in cases where their site/feature is not working or in case one is unable to or unwilling to access the account.

them not heeding to it AT ALL despite so many repetitive requests is irksome and their arrogance (of realising the David and Goliath equation they put us in) is insulting too.

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And they are trying to kill BigBazaar, very sad pensive

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caks2006407 wrote:

And they are trying to kill BigBazaar, very sad pensive

are they?
they tried to rake up clauses (in their agreements with Future Group) to stop (or at-least delay) from it going into the hands of another deep-pocketed competitor. (as it directly competes with their other investment: More megastores)
but are well aware of home much of an exercise in futility it is.

they threw a similar tantrum at their own home government when it let Azure/Microsoft’s Cloud Business eat into the meaty (and prestigious) contracts AWS had secured or was about to secure from CIA, FBI (and/or agencies within the ambit of the Department of Defense)

(not that either of them is holier-than-thou)