Amazon seller -ve feedback being either completely removed or strikeout?!!

Deal Cadet

Now all these 3rd party sellers with FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) status, they seem to have a way n’ remove the -ve feedback one way or another. if the -ve feedback is in anyway related to the shipping or damage, it definitely gets a strikeout with amazon taking the responsibility immediately.
So when I received a rectangular laundry hamper instead of round design, I left a -ve feedback for seller citing the exact reason and it was a strikeout. there’s nothing much I can do past that point. anyways this time to make sure, I messaged a different seller beforehand (who stocks the same product) that so n’ so has happened with previous seller, r u sure you have the exact model?… His reply was like.. ‘yes exact ditto’. Well luck has it that I received the rectangular version again!!
this time I do not want to leave the ‘wrong design received’ -ve feedback like earlier as am sure it will be a strikeout; so I left the feedback something like ‘Bad.. product not OK’. now this was not even a strikeout, it completely disappeared from his feedback profile.

Just wanted to ask like is there a sure shot way for -ve seller feedback to STAY and not have these sellers find a loophole and have them removed?

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why did you not ask for return

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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No issues with the returns.. its done.