Amazon sellers: sending a different items, what's their benefit

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Why do some sellers on Amazon, send wrong items knowingly (the items are so different form wht was ordered even a 3 year old can make out). There are hundreds of such sellers selling online regularly and even after complaints to amazon those sellers are still happily thriving on amazon.

I had ordered a pair of glasses and what I received is a broken 10 Rupees , roadside necklace,

Does Amazon not take any action against these unscrupulous sellers after vustomer complaibts ? 

What benefit do these sellers get by doing such an act and sending something else ? Are they paid in full by amazon,  because if not they wouldnt repeat it Ever

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Good thing (that) you were not the boss of my (then) colleague, when she joined a different company.

Presumably, she (my ex colleague) had been engaging in some kind of risqué messaging with her partner.

But accidentally sent 2-3 of those replies to her boss instead.

Her boss too was a lady.
Somehow things got sorted, or so we were told by our ex colleague.

You might want to look up the concept of pure errors. And while you are at it, also the concept of 'mistakes'.

Yes, even a two year young knows the visual difference between A and B.
But even a 20 year young can and often does the packing mistake of sending the wrong scan code/item in the right bag or vice versa.

Unless the sellers themselves have intentionally created a sham account or are flooding with fake listings.. these usually are some low paid contract labour in the high pressure environment of Amazon's 'fulfillment centres' (nee warehouses).

They are often not even directly contracted by Amazon companies, but are rather on the temporary hired rolls of the vendors of Amazon.

In the U.S. of A, where the larger FCs itself could be a mile long..
..there are horror stories of them being penalised even if they take unscheduled breaks for toilet or other stuff.
During peak Christmas sales, they may not have climate control/ warm warehouses.. but have to work throughout the nights too, even at sub zero temperatures.

If the robots are broken down, and I am the 'picker'..and you ordered sone breaklining or gear assembly for your car or tyres for your big truck.. I am supposed to haul those 10-12 kilograms even from the top shelves on the rack.. till thestation of the 'packer'.

And if I miss it or there was some other order updates, then the 'runner' has to go back and fetch those and put it on the conveyor belt.

When the items are not fulfilled from a Amazon warehouse, and if indeed there is mischief from the vendors of the seller or the seller themselves..
..there are financial incentives.

And if you have seen how a school of small fish behave, when a larger fish or a shark/non fish predators attack...
..(then) you would know the advantage of overwhelming the system.

The predator not being able to chose/pinpoint on a single target.. is the main advantage for the smaller prey to all move in sync.

Same way, if naaptol, shopclues type sellers flood the marketplaces (like snapdeal, jiomart, flipkart, croma, amazon) with multiple seller accounts and numerous sham listings.. then even a 6-8% 'hit rate' makes their operations sustainable.

It is like how the Nigerian prince and Simran from HDFC asking for OTP spend numerous resources on millions of e-mails or hundreds of calls.
All of which cost money, cost time.
But even a fractional ratio of 'conversion'.. makes it profitable for them.
(It is even more so with stupid westerners who fall for typical tech support scammers, IRS scam callers/ desi callers).

Those who intentionally do so, have a 'hit and run' modus operandi.

Then there also exist consistent spamming to generate footage, be in the limelight.
For that, you need not look farther than the Hot Deals Online section of the forum sub-section of the Desidime site itself.
You might as well wonder aloud, as to why people consistently post invalid deals, deals with offer prices being same as M.R.P. or 1%-2% off or knowingly repost and abuse the system by bumping up their topics after N hours, days.

In my tini-tiny 🧠.. the picture is similar for all such scenarios. The motivations seem to be similar.
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even I am experiencing same; I think only 1 in 5 or 6 returns so its good profit; many do not even understand review b'cos of language barrier

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I have noticed many people read only reviews of products but they don't even visit sellers profiles to read reviews about them. And never to forget amazon dont publish all negative reviews on product page. 

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Some sellers are happier making 5 rupees by cheating someone than making 10 rupees honestly. It is in their DNA. 

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Many don't know to check and choose seller before placing order. There are mobile savvy dimers here who keep on nagging when they wrongly select another seller then the one (its always the Amazon's own gang - like clicktech/cocoblu/appario/etc) who has the offer.

Also with the frequency increasing many folds, I believe even giant platforms are supporting it.

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