AMEX Platinum to pay electricity bill

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Guys, what would be the best way to pay DHBVN bill of 7Lacs with AMEX Platinum card..?
Sbi payment gateway on dhbvn website doesn't accept AMEX Card number.
Tataneu also fails. What else can I do?
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caks2006407 wrote:

but no RP for utility bill; what is the use?


I got spend based offer of 6k for 2Lacs spend this month and I utilized Amex for it. And everymonth, I pay the lowest EB amount to achieve 20k target plus one of the four 1.5k spends.

Have not paid such a huge amount in a single bill. Even yesterday, paid 1.2Lac & 50k thru Tata Neu. Airtel was the only other service where I could Amex to pay more than 30k without convenience charges.


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somnaath wrote:
Want to try the Platinum card. It's new. 😜
update your experience here later
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