Animal like treatment by Uber

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I had a horrendous experience with uber while traveling from Mumbai Airport to Thane on April 21, 2023. The 1 hour trip was one of the worst experiences in my life. It was in the mid afternoon and the AC was not functioning. Me and my family were completely drenched in sweat and were stinking. When I wrote an email regarding this to Uber support they reduced the fare from Rs.763 to Rs.663. Does uber think Rs.100 is the price for sweating for 1 hour in their car ? Hope Uber takes such complaints seriously and don’t consider human beings as animals. I will not use Uber till I get justice by waving off the trip cost.

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"Waiving off the trip cost" you mean you want to get a full refund of your trip amount??

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Aren't u being little too greedy here by asking to waive off ur entire trip cost? I would be  happy  if they compensate by refunding some amount. Of course that inconvinience shouldn't have happened

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I think there must an option to do something about it while trip was ongoing 

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