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Any dimer ever thought of climbing Mount Everest?

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Any of you ever thought or wish or have dream to climb mount Everest?

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Sometimes I do 😅 but majority of people don't even know how costly it is apart from the risk & intense training/practice to be ready for that climb.

Just for reference it can cost atleast 40-50 Lac & can even go above 1 Crore just for one climb & not counting what one will be investing in years of practicing on similar height peaks.

I am thinking of going for Ebc trek (Everest base camp). I know it's not that hard but will be like touching the base.

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I have climbed a few Himalayan mountains - much shorter of course.

I would love to do the Everest base camp at least, the one in Nepal.

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I had a dream but when i researched the cost i gave up and visited Mcloadganj and did Indrahar Peak.



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Bas ek Mandir bana do oopar jaake koi toh hamari behanein jhatt se us par chadd jaayengi 😃 Fir koi naa oxygen, naa koi protective gear 😀

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Loaferg wrote:

😲 is this true . Training  and fitness needed i know .but Rs 50 lac to 1 crore  thats  huge money  .  Even after so   so  much investment  or expenses  there is mostly no basic  manners to not throw kachra on mountains while trekking  .  I seen videos of plastic  bottles chips packets wrappers tins  cans and lot more things thrown by trekking

That's true bro it's the min one needs to spend to make it to the summit & lot of time people return from the middle as once the climb gets tougher as one has to make a choice between the life & the summit. Money is really a challenge & many look for sponsorship's but that's not easy either.

Well yes money doesn't makes one civilized & can be seen around such places but case is bit different for Everest as every pound count & even it's hard to bring the dead bodies back if someone dies up there. There are literally dead bodies perfectly freezed which mountaineers see every-time.

There is this famous quote which is told many times :

"Every dead body on Mt. Everest was once a highly motivated person."

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superdimes wrote:

Fabulous video... Sharp n clear...
This just reminds me of the movie Vertical Limit...

How easy is it to get down a mountain or a hill??
@Ash-D @Spiderguy252 @DJRohan @kartikxxxScreenshot20221223-165616YouTubeScreenshot20221223-165733YouTube        

Majority of times you will only see the ascent as that's really the tough part. Decent is not that hard at-least for moderately difficult peaks definitely will be a challenge but not as much as ascent. It takes very less time too obviously as gravity is helping us.
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98% climbers think, they could show off to their friends and family they have accomplished something what they couldn't afford.

Finally, when they reach the summit the reality hits, when they see that they have just spent 35 lacs to reach a place which is as crowded as Karol Bagh on weekends.

The co-climbers you meet on the way are probably the most selfish & mean people you will ever come across , who wouldn't give you a drop of water from theirs, even if you beg for it.

35 lacs could buy a comfortable lifestyle for your family or an early retirement from your 9 to 5 job, this amount of money should not be wasted on such endeveours.

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