Anyone familiar with such Whastapp audio calls? Could it lead to any sort of issues/scams later?

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Hi Dimers,

I am well aware of the Video Sextortion scam that's been going on for a while now.

For the first time I started to get missed audio calls from out of country numbers for the past few days, and the call pattern is like:
- 2 to 3 continuous missed calls (each missed call lasts only 1-2 seconds).

I immediately block and report the numbers.

Here is a screenshot of those calls:


I thought to ask the dimers in case this could lead to some problems in future.

Thanks in advance.

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Fraud calls, those who call back are more likely to become victim of fraud as it means they expect some call from friend/relative/lucky call from abroad(help stuck in foreign country, you won iphone on the foreign website you visited recently etc).

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you are doing right thing, I think they ask for OTP(whatsapp) saying u won lottery etc and hijack Whatsapp send msg to all contacts asking for money etc - I read this long ago

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@guest_999 @caks2006407

Thank you, I will keep in mind about such communication from any of such number.

Although one of the number contacted me for the "Like/Watch Video" scam, and I went way with them and got 150 on the 1st day 😄

Here are the screenshot of the chat with their receptionist on Telegram:





Today I joined their Telegram group shared by the receptionist to see how they work, and to my surprize they had 196 users in that group (some of them their own fake accounts to make the communication seem more engaging and real).

I waited for some time and then shared below reply in hope that some of the users will get to their senses:

All the genuine users here, this is a scam channel and they are going to give money for starting few days and then ask you for paid tasks.

Many users in this channel are fake so the conversations seem real to the actual users.

Please read all the above articles on how they operate as well as do your own search. Use your head and don't be greedy, else you'll fall in their trap.

I reported that group as well instantly to Telegram (not sure if it's going to help). They blocked me within a minute.

But I didn't find any option to report individual users in Telegram, is there any such option?

I am still getting missed calls from unknown numbers, I will keep sharing if any of them further tries to contact me.

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Good effort.

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