Anyone using a RO pump from different brand?


So the pump of the Kent Grand Plus model we have has been leaking for like 2 years now. It was slowly leaking before, didn’t bother to replace but now it’s leaking a lot and i am looking to buy a new pump. Theirs cost 2400 rupees ‘only’ and has warranty for a massive 6 months.

Hence, I’m looking to buy a pump from some different brand, most of them cost between 1200 to 1600. This seller I found, Pokar System who sell under brand name Lexpure looks to be good, but again, reviews are fake nowadays.

If any one of you is using a pump for your RO machines which is running well (for minimum 2 to 3 years) please comment with the brand name and how much it cost you.

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You can check your nearby local shop who provieds 3rd party water purifier maintenance service he might be able to help you out better… & if possible he might be able to plug the leak in the motor as well !!