anyone with an experience with GoMechanic services.


Need some advise on the GoMechanic services as there are some major works like suspension etc with my car.
Thereby wanted some opinions on their services before going ahead with them.
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tldr; If you have other options, avoid them.

Gomechanic are bunch of local garages tied up with them. They are kind of middle men having their own premium.

I used them for very basic services, and did not like the way they handle the vehicles in their garage. I personally prefer to stay along with the vehicle while getting serviced, and I got to see other vehicles coming in.

Though they say genuine spares etc, they use spares from different brand, and hence when you visit authorized service center at later point in time, the service center will raise flags saying those spares are not authorized.

Instead I suggest to check with contacts whoever used services from garages in your locality and avail services based on that.

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I’ve haven’t used their services so i don’t have any idea. It’s better you compare the quotes with your local garage owner as well before opting for Gomech smile

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andromeda wrote:

I personally prefer to stay along with the vehicle while getting serviced,

Always be with your vehicle while it is being serviced. Even if you have zero interest in watching a mechanic repair your vehicle or zero interest in even being present at a garage, your mere presence will prevent some amount of shoddy work.

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Bhai imo as learnt from sr colleagues for fixing 🚗 for that matter even 🏍 one shud go only to trusted shop 🏬
4 paisa jyaade lenge par parts ka idhar ka udhar nahi karenge
T: won’t get cheated

N practically it’s not possible to witness repair work so I don’t agree with those who suggest this

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Yes, I have used their service.

GoMechanic is the aggregator of the competitive garages. Its Uber of the garages. But GoMechanic do not tie up with any garage. They tie up only with chosen few. You will not find so many garages around you on it.

I had a very nice experience. People are very professional and courteous. They call you before and after the service/repair. They are still new so they try to be very careful and particular. Try to give complete satisfaction to customer because for them word of mouth is the only publicity. I was suffering from low cooling from AC. I showed it to local garage and then tried GoMechanic. GoMechanic gave me the right advise and it was much cheaper too. I tried it and I must say I am more than satisfied.

I think you should try it once before you make any judgement.

By the way, I have no association with GoMechanic except that I am a happy customer smile