Anyway to save the google/Gmail account from permanently being lost?

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It is almost twenty years old account.

The deadline as declared last year or earlier was for mid 2023.

Now Google has started rolling out the program with November 2023 end as the date by which 'inactivity deletions' will be effected.


Google does not provide any human assistance in such matters.


▪︎ account has e-mails and nostalgia value, both.

▪︎ best attempts at recovery stories always say the se thing like known ISP, IP range or a device previously used.


None of it is possible as it has been 6-7 years that I have moved out of previous location and computers/ devices changed too.


Account was never logged in via any Android or other device... where security code thing lets one log back in.


In-fact back then Gmail allowed keeping even a security question.


Despite answering it correctly on one account.. it never let me back in.

As it always feels that the device, IP ranges do not match up with previous log ins.

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